Crashing Facebook stock and going all-in on the downside” paypal account dump

Collapse Facebook stock and go all-in on the downside

Hello, hello! Welcome to MrROBOT and Maestro. In this article we will talk about making money on investments in which, frankly speaking, we do not understand much (we have another specialty). But if you include logic and popravnit brains, then we can earn here. This article develops logical thinking, and clearly shows what tools the bears use, but not so smart as we do.

There are so many ways to profit in the investment market, one of them is playing short. Such trades are called Shorts, short trades on a particular time frame. Players who play on the downside are called Bears. Today we will put ourselves in the skin of a bear and make a theme that every child dreams of after watching the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

Let’s look at an example of Shorts on stocks to make it clear what we’re talking about.

Let’s assume you have a balance of 100,000 roubles on your brokerage account. You receive a signal about the decrease of the shares of the certain company X and you decide to sell those shares at the current price (100 roubles per share) for the amount of 100 000 roubles (1000 shares). After the transaction your brokerage account shows:

After some time the share price has fallen to 90 rubles (by 10%), you buy 1000 shares and return them to the company. As a result, you have:

On a 10% drop in the stock, you earned 10,000 rubles. This example does not take into account the interest for the transfer of a short position, and of course the broker’s commission.

First stop Facebook office

I will now tell the story of 2013 and back it up with facts, explanations. When choosing a patient, one of the largest social networks Facebook really caught our eye, as we had already built the development in our head, but more about that later. So how can we implement an artificial market downgrade? We’ve already heard about the fake spam mailings that derailed Apple’s stock, we’ve also heard about fictitious media deaths, and more. We could gather bases and organize mass spamming from shells for any company, but that’s ancient age and the topic is worked out.

Making a bomb for Facebook

The following was taken as an idea! It was 2013 and the Forbidden Sites Registry was actively working on the web, with many bona fide projects getting into it. The situation with the United States was strained, as the Ukrainian conflict had already begun to develop, if anyone is not aware. Our task was as follows:

1. Create a left-handed site with child porn or drugs. Draw a quality landing page with contacts in which to respond and the project itself should inspire confidence (that it really works).

2. We add this site to the list of banned through the form here, within 3 days it is entered, maybe earlier. We did with shit, FGCN immediately entered this resource.

3. Now the most important ingredient! Okay, now we need to create an ad campaign on FB, go through moderation and make a huge throw away of ads on the drug muzzle. Then we quickly send the information to the registry of banned sites, FSKN and other structures. The resource is banned from the Russian Federation and we release it to the media, which cuts the guys off from Russia. See, the annual income from FB advertising in Russia was $800,000,000 a year, and the Russian audience is huge. Here even a fool would understand that such a business won’t go bust.

Everything is simple in principle, there is still one point. If you even make a substitute site with good info, it is unlikely you will pass moderation. From you will require the documents of the company, then will send them to the legal department and after a week in 80% of you will be refused, they take mostly verified and large companies. Also, you will need huge funds for an advertising campaign that would have lasted on the face of FB for at least 10 hours to be registered by the FSCN. That’s millions of views and hundreds of thousands of clicks! One of our marketers told us that FB has partner terms for media companies, if you add ads from such accounts, there is no moderation there.

Within 3 days one of the major affiliate companies was hacked and affiliate access on FB, where it was easy to add companies without moderation. This company had a deposit of 80,000 euros, we were happy to use it)

One day before market close , we are going to start adding to the register muzzle and write to all structures on 11.09.2013. Running ahead I will show a chart that each of you can study in person.

4. Now check check! Let’s throw this information (link to where FB is blocked and fake statement of LDPR leader, like articles) in media, blogs, send to brokers and results don’t make us wait long. News from Channel 1:

Market Opening) Issue of 16.09.2013

Well, and a bunch of other small TV channels, I won’t search.

News sprinkled by the thousands on all news resources and newspapers:

What do we see on 16.09.2013?

You can see the release dates and market reaction on your own. Down play and up play, the payoff is assured. This could have been hyped even wider, I just didn’t know any brokers at the time.

Author Maestro For project NORA.BIZ

paypal account dump

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