Create a DL template from scratch.” cc fullz shop

Hello, everyone!

In this article I will explain how to draw a quality template.

To work we need two programs is Photoshop and CorelDraw. We will work with country CZ (Czech Republic) type of document driving license.

1. First, let’s adjust the scan to the Brightness/Contrast/Definition settings.

1.1 Open our scan. 1.2 Image-Correction-Exposure and play with the settings, I chose the following options

1.3 For convenience, before clearing, we make a duplicate of the master layer (that is, our ID) by clicking on our layer in the Layers Panel and pressing Ctrl J.

2. Cleaning the scan with the Stamp tool. Here comes the most interesting part. At this point, we need to find the most convenient areas to borrow texture and transfer it to another area, but do it all very carefully.

2.1 We will not stamp all zones with text. We will stamp only Zone 2.

2.2 Use the stamp tool for this

After choosing the required options for working with the stamp is the brush size and hardness, I say at once the stiffness of the brush the more clearly visible joints in the areas where we worked stamp.To display the settings window simply select the desired tool and click the right mouse button.

Now we need to get rid of the text in the photo area without any text, hold down Alt key and select the area, after selecting the area, fill in the text and photo.

3. Now we have to draw the Gelosh (Protection Lines), for this we will use CorelDraw.

3.1 To do this, import our document. File-Import.

3.2 We will draw areas 1,3,4. To do this, I will introduce you to the tool B-spline located on the left side of the panel and it works wonders.

We will work with zone 1. There is a panel on the right Object Manager, there we create a new layer

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