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So as now is a very hot topic SSH WI-FI router then I decided to write this article. Even a kid can configure a router with this article.

And so we begin:

We will need a laptop with Windows 7, 8.1, 10 capable of pulling Virtualbox virtual machine with Ubuntu 16.4 installed any USB Wi-Fi adapter bought in a store at around 10-30$ Important Windows Firewall should also be enabled .

1. Install Virtualbox 2. Install Virtualbox plug-in (to support USB 2.0 3.0 3. Install Ubuntu 16.4 virtual machine 4. Insert the USB adapter into the slot. go to USB connection settings and select our USB device.

5.Boot. if everything is correct the USB adapter should be connected to Ubuntu.

6. In the connection settings, uncheck WIFI, if any. Then follow the pictures to create the Access Point:

All the access point is created. if it is not enabled after that, check the box

Now our access point and Active! check our newly created WI-FI hotspot connect your phone, or other laptop to this hotspot and check the network ! If you passed this step and are happy with the results, we move on to the next steps. Guest OS is left untouched.

Next. Download Proxifier (system) I won’t advise how to register Proxifier.

Download Double SSH Tunnel Manager Run Double SSH Tunnel Manager and load it with your SSH (PCM-Edit Proxy list)

After charging it came out something like this

. Next, move the mouse pointer to the SSH of interest. (For example Italy) (PCM-Install DNS) and install DNS. is roughly what it looks like on the rystring.


DNS-cache checkbox should be ticked. it will be faster.

You can set up to 10 DNS in Double SSH Tunnel Manager, but it is advisable to choose one , so that services like won’t have a huge list.

After this procedure we get the following view. Then if you want you can do this with other SSHs on the list… If you care about DNS of the country you want your SSH to belong to, just put it in there and copy google DNS.

Now go to Options: There is nothing to change, but for speed and load balancing I will change the Port Balancer from 5 to 15. I also want to connect to SSH via TOR (I checked Use Tor Proxy and Autorun Tor)

cvs code credit card

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