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Hello dear forum users!

Pleased to introduce a new service for selling RDP/addicts to increase your anonymity!

Till this moment, the service has worked in private to a limited range of persons at the moment registration is open to all comers!!! Hurry up!!! On reaching a certain number of users will change conditions of registration!!!

With us you can buy RDP, SSH and SOCKS at the best prices on the market and it really is!

Daily assortment update !!!

Every customer will find for himself a product of excellent quality intelligently sorted by country, city and so on, and the nice and convenient interface of our service will help you choose the right product with all the features you need.

You will be able to see full details of every RDP, SSH and SOCKS, and the availability of advanced BlackList and RiskScore checkers allows you to select only clean product. In our service is fully automatic replenishment with BitCoin and many other systems! Registration is currently free.

Currently we are focused on RDP, there are about 15к dedicates online in our database, and every day there are more new ones, we are constantly developing our services, in the future we will also provide VPN services !!!

There is a system of discounts for regular and wholesale customers.

Ultimate Anonymity Services Your protection is Our profession !!!

Links to access the service:


Please note our TOR domain always online: uasanon 57zncqo45bhpmwpshyo2l3xoqspdo3lfzgvqeldifmceuntid . onion


Post your feedback in this thread, we will also be glad to get your suggestions about the service functionality, design, etc. Welcome to U-A-S.RU!!!

cvv dump sites

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