I bring to your attention service for expert evaluation and consulting of forum users of all levels of competence.

Briefly about what topics we understand and can help you with top level security, anonymity and privacy:

1 . Parsing OS setup errors: Windows, MacOS, Linux(Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Arch/Manjaro, Whonix)

2. Advice on configuring the highest level of security and anonymity using any OS. Host-host bindings on any operating system, host and host configuration schemes for fully anonymous use of your computer and access to the network.

3. Automation of cryptopartition management, using Opensource encryption systems from A to Z with clear examples of how long and difficult it will be to decrypt your cryptopartition. Panic-button scheme, and scheme to minimize the consequences of cryptorectal cryptanalysis.

4. Using mesh networks. Creating your own nodes most popular mesh representatives.

Module has been replaced by Ethics of Safe Behavior in Real Life and Online

5. Configure and use OpenWRT firmware for selected(compatible) routers to minimize the area of the attack applied to your security.

6. Selecting and flashing selected devices to completely abandon proprietary agents (Parsing coreboot, libreboot and other bios firmware options), selecting a suitable laptop or nettop for full anonymous and secured operation.

7. Selecting smartphones, parsing existing firmware and identifying those that have the minimum attack surface and maximum compatibility with your queries.

8. Advice on raising your own WireGuard/OVPN server to work with the team. Opportunity to purchase a VPN server (to any of our VPN server configured on any of the protocols satisfying you)

List of countries:

Romania Bulgaria Lithuania Hong Kong Poland Moldova Latvia India Bahrain Singapore Cyprus Iran Malaysia Panama Iceland

9. Preparing phone for key-in. Root the phone for further use as an antidetector (thanks to daikora for the info for the module)

10. Wardriving(Wifi network vulnerability tests) from A to Z. Decrypt(Brute) your WPA handshakes.

11. Anonymous VPN/SOCKS/TOR router on Malinka (Raspberry Pi)

Ability to install and consult in administration of OWN VPN server.

Raising and administering YOURSELF (only you will have access to the server) server on any of the protocols:

250$/year server cost (from 100$/year. It will take up to 4 users who are not greedy for traffic)

Consultation on any of the items above from $50/hour or $250 module.

Answering frequently asked questions about WAP:

-What countries and servers are used? -We use servers from public access, screened according to a number of criteria concerning anonymity and security. All servers are located in countries that do not cooperate with members of 14eyes treaty, moreover hoster companies are not related to these countries in any way (and have never been found to leak user data etc.) There is a separate bts(or altcoin) purse registered for each account, which is funded via mixer.

-What do we as customers get as a result? -You will receive a pre-configured server (VDS/VPS) with OVPN/WireGuard, server keys and a complete list of instructions on how to raise the same server on your own, (as we recommend changing such servers every 2-3 months) and support and upgrade module number 8 during the year (we can also arrange a move to a new server every three months). IMPORTANT NOTE: I WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE SERVER AFTER HANDING IT OVER TO YOU, AS YOU WILL RESET CCSH KEYS AND PRESCRIBE YOUR OWN


For contacts, PM me


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