Dating Scam / Karj. Fast, reliable, always lots of fresh names!” buying cvv online

Presenting cashback service with datin scam/carj. We accept MoneyGram, WU, Contact, Zolotaya Korona, RIA, Unistream, Azimo etc.

Receiving country Russia. Dating scam commission 10% Minimum withholding commission 3000 rubles

We also withdraw money transfers (all conditions are discussed individually)


bank accounts (on request, make to the same name as for withdrawal by systems) individual male/female names, which have not been used before payout on the day of withdrawal payout to btc, webmoney, RF bank cards (other upon agreement)

Dating scam experience is more than 5 years, so we know and take into account all the nuances of working with drops/payment systems/bank accounts, we promptly solve all possible force majeure situations. We understand and appreciate your hard work!

We do not accept transfers from Russia, CIS countries. Opening hours: Mon-Fri from 9 to 19, Sat from 9 to 15. Vs weekend. (MSC) Admin/Support online: Mon-Sat: 9 to 19, Sun off.

* If you took the name and there is some lull in the process, i.e. there is no transfer for 3 weeks or longer, then before you send a transfer to the name/bank account MUST email your support to make sure everything is ok with the drop.

buying cvv online

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