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I’ll be brief. Not for the award of the year. Article specifically for those who never got VMware to work after reading Ortego’s article.

In the article, I will explain in detail where to poke to get VMware to work through the host. I won’t go back to what’s already written and how to install.

And so you’ve installed VMware, XP, soxchain, etc

Running VMware. SocksChain on the host, SocksChain on the var. , go to SocksChain on the host, Tools – Options – untick Accept connection only from localhost, set socks in the host SocksChain, well, to immediately test. Tools – Options – proxy – untick resolve names locally on both SocksChain. in VMware go to View – Virtual network Settings – NAT – edit, see the IP currently being used. This is the IP of the host car in a local loop like)). It can be edited, say. go to SocksChain guest, press socks, add socks – i.e. that IP which we took from NAT settings and port 1080. in the host SocksChain we need to check if the connections are received on the port 1080. Push the gwesta test socks. hooray! socks are lit! it works. SOCKS5 Fucking great! tcp/udp all goes through socks. and everything’s fine.

on the web browser we type in, you don’t have to teach anyone. *I think* ) switch to host, enable VPN, socket in the Chain we previously entered initially on the host. we jump on the quest. Browser, test it. Voila.

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