Diverted droppers – who are they?!” unicc free cc

Drops are people who work for us on the other side of the looking glass. Our agents, who do not know what they are mixed up in, fulfill the tasks assigned to them. Among them there are lazy, unpunctual, impudent, easy-going, smart, dumb, in general they are human too. But people who have fallen for your tempting offer and found it possible to work for you. They need to be taken care of, to write them letters, to congratulate them on holidays, to answer their stupid questions, in some cases even to pay them money. As a rule up to 5 % from all mass of people who have responded on initial job advertisement become drops (this index depends on how good your legend is, effectiveness of advertising campaign, quality of your site, letters and other adjoining factors that can influence quality of your divorce.

What’s noteworthy is that most of my drops are female. (housewives). But the male drops are more punctual and intelligent.

Every drop has its own lifetime, at the end of which he “dies” finds information about what he does, or it is brought to him. Reasons are many – stats came from bank and drop opens envelope (people working with non-divorce drops in yusa say that there’s info just for drops, that if you got this document and your name is not cardholder then you most likely a crappy drop (or something like that). Mailmen – lately they’ve been sticking their noses into situations where packages arrive at the same address under different names (one of my dropshippers even asked me to provide a written explanation for this somehow. Internet resources such as scam.com and other media. And finally people in plainclothes.

So we need to squeeze as much as possible out of the drop in a short enough time (get as many parcels through it as possible). But we should not be in a hurry either. Lately the activity of droppers-kidal has increased. They operate in different ways. You must insure yourself by making test parcels, phone calls, checks, but there are so good that you can hardly avoid dropping a ball. The main thing is to calculate all your actions in time and do everything clearly and on time. The topic is still alive and will survive for another year or two. And then there will be new methods. The psychological aspect. “It was good to hear from you. I am really excited and honored to know that we will be working together.” That’s what they write. They write about last-minute earning opportunities and needing money and everything else. About what I am a good manager, congratulating them on holidays, telling private information, sharing their experiences, joys and troubles. When they know what costs – they become laconic. Usually they either keep silent or write one official letter like: “I dont think I will be receiving any more packages for you as I do not want to be a part of this fraudulent activity.” What’s interesting I almost never felt sorry for anyone, I guess it’s just my nature…

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