Drawing a photo of the front of a credit card” free bank logins dumps

I won’t write about any supernatural rules or 10 steps to draw a credit card. I’ll just write how I do it.

I think it will be useful for those who know how to use Photoshop (not those who uses Photoshop for red-eye effect) And it’s the only article on this forum without screenshots. __________

And so first I’ll tell you how to take a picture of the front of the ss.

We need a camera and a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card, then any card with a similar size will do, but it’s better to use a credit card because it’s more realistic. Take a picture of it, preferably straight from above (NOT at an angle, because later it will be more convenient to render embossing)


Get something like this:



and the rear


Great. Next, let’s say we need to draw a BOA map with the following information: number 5555 1337 13 37 ekspir date 99/99 with holding name BANA COPYRIGHT

And so. Go to Google search for a map BOA, preferably something simpler design that would be easier to remove all unnecessary text from it or google frequently found already cleared maps. I found this one:


Open this picture in Photoshop and start deleting the map number, etc., with the Stamp Tool. It looks like this on the toolbar :


Now move it to the place near the text to copy the background, hold down ALT and click it once. It will copy that area to the clipboard and it will be pasted by another click. You can hold down mouse button and drag it to copy it from where you specify it. (You can read more about Stamp in google, or you can poke it and figure out how it works) After deleting text with Stamp tool, I got the following picture:


Next, you can either directly insert the logos of the payment system (visa/MS, do you know that the number starts with a 4 or 5 respectively) or later do it directly on the photo. Since we need to draw the MS card, and in the picture is just the MS card, we will do it later.

And now select the Selection/Rectangular Marquee tool, which looks like a dashed rectangle. Highlight our cleaned BOA map (make the selection a little smaller). After selection from above select Selection – Modify – Smooth or Select – Modify – Smooth (depending on your language in Photoshop) and choose the radius of rounding the ends of our selected rectangle. It is chosen manually, by trial. You set radius 34, if it is too small or too tight, press CTRL Z and try again.

Once you’ve selected the best option, select the Move/Move tool. Simply click on the selected area and move it to the previously opened photo in the adjacent tab.


Then, after making sure that the BOA map layer is selected, press CTRL T. Stretch and rotate the map to the size of the one on the photo. It may not be too perfect in the plane, so while adjusting the size, you can right-click on the map and select Distort mode and pull the corners

https://i68.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/0927962e2a3b.jpeg https://i64.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/0920ab8c3bb6.jpeg

Reduce gamma/brightness or increase, looking at the overall lighting of the photo. https://i64.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/0928f6a48fe4.jpeg

You can blur the outline/edges of the map a bit (the droplet tool on the panel).

Now let’s add the logo of the payment system to the card. It will be taken from the card on the picture. In the list of layers, click on the eye next to our BOA card (this will make our BOA card disappear from the screen). Click 1 time on the layer with the photo. Select loso tool (right click there are different modes, I choose broken loso). Now the MasterCard logo will be highlighted.


Once selected, just copy (as with the text). CTRL C and CTRL V, then in the list of layers appears another with our logo. You place it on top of all the layers, and then use the Move tool to move it to the right place on our map. You can also blur the edges of the logo to make it look like you cut/paste it.

Well, we’ve done the basics, now the text. We need AmexCardEmbossinBC font (can everyone use Google?) download and install. It’s done. We go back to Photoshop and choose Text tool ( T letter on the toolbar). Select the approximate area of the text placement and at the top left change the font to AmexCardEmbossinBC. Let’s write the number of the card. Also on CTRL T you can rotate/stretch etc. Next, we will apply the embossing effects. In the list of layers, right click on our text blending options. Basically you need to add bulk and shadow, there are no specific option sets. Also, how to salt soup? It depends a lot. I will tell you the basic principles. We add the effect of volume, the contour and texture of the desire, as well add a shadow. I do not want to write the exact percentage of rape, it’s like salt. Try it. See screenshots

https://i63.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/092992373fdd.jpeg https://i66.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/0929bac32d96.jpeg

Select the layer with the text and make a duplicate of this layer by pressing CTRL J in order to move and write the expiry date. ]Let’s make another duplicate for the name of the Holder. When done, click on the very top / bottom layer of text, press Shift and click on the top (yes those who can not use the standard keyboard options on a computer). We have selected our 3 layers of text. Press CTRL G and a folder appears in which all these layers. Also right click on this folder to apply blending options. And do the same as you did with the text, but change the option to emboss in the first effect.


Well here’s basically a photo of the front of the ss.


Of course, more geeky photoshop guys can add highlights and shadows, apply photo filters for more realism, etc. But to describe it in an article, don’t gudt.k comes the experience.

But there is a BUT, if you read the information about the picture, then you can read there that the file was edited in Photoshop. To get rid of this problem download ExifPilot Run it, look for your picture. Select above choose Edit Exif- Add new tags on top of list and find Software and delete the photoshop, click OK. Read more about ExifPilot on google.

For very paranoid people, download Restorator and edit failsafe hex (16-character failsafe code) , search all about Fsh and set null bytes and so on. You google how to do it. Personally I don’t think any office in the world is poking and pawing it (this hex)


Then I can write how to draw the back of the map or even easier a scan, if someone needs it here at all…

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