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Drop project prices.

Drop projects for Standard $1000

Drop projects under Staff Standard $800

Lead times average 14 days.

Prices are final and not negotiable!

If you wish, we can develop a DP according to your requirements and your legend.

Online Shops

We develop professional turnkey online shops to connect to merchants and billings. We make both large shops with hundreds of items, as well as mini-shops and one-page web pages for selling applications and software.

Cost from $800

Doing SEO (simulated google activity)

Often, when working on a new project, potential employees start searching for the company’s activity through search engines. It is very important for them to find backlinks, texts, descriptions of your company’s work, which noticeably increases the level of trust. If a company is not active in a network, any reasonable person would have suspicions. It doesn’t matter if you bought the project from us or on the side, one way or another you need SEO, you need google backlinks, you need to induce a minimum set of trust among potential customers. Purchasing this service you will receive at the output press releases, blogs, video clips, forum profiles with links to your Drop Project on the necessary keywords, which are quickly indexed in Google.

You get several videos and several dozen blog articles with links from leading authoritative blog sites that provide fast indexing for the right keywords. The links look natural and will stay in google results forever.


Besides video clips and blog articles with links you get dozens of links from video hosting sites where your video clips are reproduced. All the clips are published with the right keywords, descriptions and links. Google is very friendly to this content and indexes them well, which guarantees your company even more natural and quality links in google search.

You get everything in the Standard and Premium packages plus a lot of quality articles from press releases and article sites, as well as forums and blogs. SMM(simulation of social media activity)

Start Package, cost $450 creating profiles in all listed social networks and 10 posts in each site, about a hundred followers, several dozens of likes, sharers, reposts. Timeline is about 7-9 business days.

Finish Package, cost $850 creation of profiles in all listed social networks and 50-100 posts in each site (varies from site), several hundreds of followers/admissions, likes and reposts. Weekly moderating and moderating discussions and publishing matreials. Timeline is around 14-20 business days.

Application formresponse processing panel

Mules fill out the Application form, attack cv, then that data goes into a single admin. A user-friendly interface and various tools for administration, allow you to comfortably handle any number of responses.

Cost $100

Number with interactive voice menu, answering machine (IVR)

When you call will be included in the input menu with a welcome on behalf of the company and then a choice of departments, then the standard your call is very important to us, stay on the line, in the end, it appears that all employees are busy and asked to leave a message and information for connection. It is also possible to set up redirect to the necessary numbers.

Cost $150

Setting up your mail

It often happens that from new domains large mail servers like Google, Aol, Yahoo, etc. receive mails badly and often send them to spam or block them at all. All this happens because of the anti-spamming on the Internet. This may paralyze the process of correspondence and influence the number of responses. We offer a solution in the form of mailboxes optimized for mailing. This significantly increases the speed and inbox.

We install and deliver mailboxes with web and mail client access already in operation.

Cost $100

Making video clips for your projects.

Customer reviews, company director previews, feedback from your company’s employees and more. Add realism to your projects!

Cost from $100

Install and configure sites in the Tor. Deploy and configure sites on the Tor network in the .onion domain zone We can do the configuration on your own servers or on ours.

The cost of $50 is the setup fee which does not include the cost of hosting.

We provide creation and layout services for any level of websites. We make business cards sites, Real Estate, Freelance, Job sites, Classified sites (like craigslist, ebay), design and SEO, clone sites, catalog sites, portals and other. We work with all common engines wordpress, opencart, magento, joomla, prestashop, framework, etc.


Telegram litecoin23

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Dear Friends Im happy to introduce the development service of corporate design, Scam sites, drop projects, web shops, fakes, landing pages, websites and etc.

Current prices (turnkey solution):

Drop project/Scam site for cashing $1000 Drop Project/Scam site for stuff $800

Development time range 7-9 days.

What do you get:

Complete website with modern hq corporate design, Content Management System (CMS) of your website Employment agreement, application form and other required documents.

Full step by step instruction, which allows you to execute a correspondence with hired employees without fluent knowledge of English language.

Company legend, hosting and domain.

Web shops Developing professional online shops, which could be connected to merchants and billings. Weve got a huge experience in web shops development, with creating a big real webshops with thousands of products and mini shops aswell.

The price for professional web shop starts from $800.

SEO (activity in Google)

Usually when you start working with new project, potential employees googling your website. Very important to find some backlinks of your website and company in search engine results page, it looks more trust and legit. Ordering SEO service from us, you get blogposts, videos with backlinks to your website by required keywords, which got indexed by google very quickly.

Price is $250.

For extra payment $100 we make a spin of your videos into the 8-9 video hostings which provides you much more trust backlinks to your main website. It guarantees more trust backlinks and ranking in google SERP by required keywords.

Drop panel ProAdmin

Providing drop panel Pro Admin, which allows you to work with stuffers and mules, control your orders, payouts, current addresses and etc. Price $250

This price includes installation and setup. All required info about panel usage is described in panels manual, read manual and find out answers to all your questions. We provide only tech support.

Phone number with voice menu

Phone number with voice menu and voicemail.

Price from $90

Creating videos for your projects

Customers feedbacks, directors interviews, video instructions and etc

Price from $100

Telegram Jekyll23


English speakers always welcomed.

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