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Everybody knows that carders can not normally work without dropping, practically in any theme need drop, be it veshvukha (drop takes goods), whether shopping on real plastic (here there is a place to be a variant when the carder himself acts as a drop, ie personally goes to the store taking on itself the entire share of risk). In general and on the whole carders need drops like fish need water.

And so, where to look for these drops? This question may be called, if not the most, then one of the most actual in the carder environment. For its permission it is necessary to be defined with a theme, a direction of work. Once you have chosen a direction, worked out a scheme of getting coveted $$$, define a place, a link, which your drop should occupy in your strong chain of success.

Drop. frankly translates as DATAENCODE. It’s not to be forgotten, there’s a very high probability that your drop will cheat you. It also can be called a suicide bomber, because all responsibility for your deception falls squarely on his neck. It’s worth to say that drops can be divided into 2 types:

drops that know what they are doing (criminal responsibility) and those who do not suspect anything about it. Of course the easiest way to find dropp is the usual, so-called collusion, you lay all the cards on the table, drop assesses the risk, and usually agrees for 50, and even 60% of the profits (money or staf), and here again there is a high probability of dump by dropp, which suddenly decide that the risk was unjustified, and to compensate his nerves will go just 100% of the profits, after which he will change his mind to communicate with you 🙁


I personally like the second kind of drop, this type is usually not aware of the illegality of their operations. In order to recruit such a drop, as a rule, requires a legend. What is it? Decide to you, there is certainly a proven scheme on which all work, but nothing prevents you to come up with your own, original legend. And that’s how we find and recruit drops of the second type.

We have already decided that we need a legend (it should be noted that the legend must match the work, which with honor and glory will be entrusted to the drop.)! Pridpreyvem her, if there is no fantasy, knock me, prompt. Legend is, now we easily recruit any dropp, and will not give a robbery 50-60% and modestly 3-5% that much more humane :-). One problem solved! Now there are little things left.

How to protect yourself from being scammed by a drop, the answer is simple! The contract! Yes, yes, a contract, preferably bilateral. I dare to suggest the essence of your cover: We are an acutely advanced company VASILII PUPKIN Ltd. We are doing something-tomething, our advantage over our competitors so-and-so-something, and you dear drop, offer to become our partner, and open a local branch of our glorious company in your habitat and everything like that In the end, when the drop finished reading your legend, which indicated how much money he would get just a few successful operations and wipes his sleeves drooling-there then it is necessary to sign a contract with him. How do you do that? You make up the text of the contract and fill out the following fields:

First Name Middle Initial Last Name ______________________________ Address ____________________________________________________ City State Zip Code ___________________________________________ etc, basically everything you need to get started and at the end be sure to include the line _____________________ __________ Signature of Partner Date

How do you find potential droppers to sell them our legend and sign a contract?

Answer as usual sorry nostit he codename DROP PROJECT For those who are in the tank I explain, DROP PROJECT This is a WEB site, untwisting which is such sites with job offers (thanks to their many and mostly free), we will attract potential drops, let them our legend, to sign the contract, in short, to recruit! How to make a DROP PROJECT and various aspects of its completion will be described later if needed, in general, everyone have a good recruitment drops, sell me for a bargain :-). And I’ll make a conclusion:

Task. Drops for any tasks, which guaranteed (as much as can be guaranteed in this situation) will not bail, and will take a very small percentage for work. Solution. Drop-project!

That’s all for now, have any questions, ask with labor to answer. Good luck, everyone!

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