Drops Germaniya / USA.” unicc tor link

Drops Germany / USA

Let’s make a fuss of the place, Dear Stuffers!!! To your invaluable hands and feet are pleased to provide the services of our courier service Instant sending We will help you earn a good percentage from each beat!!!

=Instant sending=

1)We have 20 minutes to process your mail: uploading photos,videos. 2)Fast dispatch of your valuable shipments within 24 hours of receipt. 3)Your valuable package has been delayed with us for more than 48 hours from the date of receipt of the shipping address? We will ship it absolutely free!!! 5)We work for you! 6)Instant sending asks our valued customers to load postage stamps on their favorite packages without delay within 2-3 hours from the minute they receive the package. 7)Don’t know where to put your cartage junk? We’ll give you plenty of options to solve the problem. 8)If you ship more than 13 packages during 7 days, you will receive 3 packages free of charge. 9)Is your package really cheap and less than 150 EUR? Don’t worry, we will ship it for 30 USD. (DE) 10)Work 50/50-no problem! 11)Buy 7 days free shipping, for only $500.[/DATAENCODE

We’re making a fuss in two countries:

А)Germany.(DE) B)USA.

Our prices per shipment:

Germany-60$ USA-40$

A)Gain access to our admin panel after a personal message on the forum. B)USA Panel Access Fee-Free! C)Cost of access to Germany panel.(Forwarding staf)$30 We will send your first package as your deposit.(DE) D)Check out what we are capable of and leave your priceless and honest feedback.

Make a fuss of the place-Welcome. Contact via private message (PM)!

Thanks for your attention, see you soon and goodbye!)

unicc tor link

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