Drops in Germany under staf!” meijer cc

Drops in Germany! Buying staf, forwarding packages, 50/50 work.

Our service is open from 10:00 to 21:00 MSK.

New drops are added every week.

We can give out individual addresses.

95% of shipments.

Compensation for unsent packages 5-10%

Good payout percentage 25-45%, large list of accepted staf.

Payouts upon request or on a specific day for any amount.

FREE shipping, for steppers who make good volumes, on request we will make other bonuses. (Free shipping, including the fact that we can arrange for you to receive packages in RU, UA, EU and send you a clean package) ( 5% or 10% bonus, we will add to your payment, if you make the staf for a certain amount per week)

We work with drops for many years, we know all the nuances, always looking for solutions to the problems associated with obtaining a mob, share our experiences, best practices, individual approach to each client!

Contact for collaboration PM.

meijer cc

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