Drops under Staff in Germany(DE)” best place to buy fullz

Introducing drop service in Germany!

If you’re ready to work and earn with us, then join our team! Job Options: Percent (buyout), 50/50, Consignment, Test.

About us: Over 20 working addresses at your disposal. Over 5 years experience. Excellent quality drops, sendability at a high level. Fast payments to BTC purse on request. We accept stacks from 60 EUR (smaller amounts are discussed separately) Always fair and respectful attitude towards stafers. Individual conditions for each staffer.

If you are interested in our offer, leave a message in the PM in this format:

1) How do you make goods? (For example: CC or PayPal) 2) Approximate volume per week in EUR? 3) When are you ready to start making goods? 4) Contact (Jabber only)

Good and peace to you all! Welcome!

best place to buy fullz

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