” dumps cc sites 2020

Hello everyone. I’m L0UP, my specialty is web design and spam. I’ve been doing this for quite some time and so, seeing as many on our forum are suffering from this problem, I’d like to suggest how to bypass the block of your fake in Google Chrome browser.

I think everyone has encountered this problem at least once: Deceptive site ahead

This problem has already annoyed everyone 100 times, sent out spam, everything is OK, but the page is banned, man, so I recently invented a way to solve it.

Yes, and voobsche, any question/idea/need/partnering email me in PM help. There are plenty of ways to make dough out there, just stick together and we’ll come up with something.


Now to the topic

How does google chrome know a fake is a fake? 1. Text 2. Images 3. Complaints (sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about that. But when we solve the first 2 factors, the fake will be alive for 2-3 days. More than enough time to collect logs. ^_^ )

Also, don’t use someone else’s (blocked) fakes. Saves an hour and spends days/money in excruciating attempts to spread the fake. Make your fake from scratch so html code will be unique.


The most important element for which a fake gets banned.

Problem: Google Chrome sees suspicious words like credit card, bank login, mothers maiden name, date of birth and most of all the site name itself. And it bans almost instantly.

What to do? We don’t want to change the text and don’t want to transform it into images, because the pixels won’t look nice anymore. So, we need to make the humans see one thing, and the iron head (the computer) sees another.

How: Mix Russian letters with English A and English A, looks exactly the same. And many other letters are 100% the same, but chrome looks different on those letters.

You can easily see it: Type in Google word: Apple Now type in word: Arrle

The results are different, aren’t they?

In order to save time, here is the script I use to automatically convert English characters to Russian (those that are the same):

Save it in php, enter your text and hit Enter.

Everywhere on the fake so change the text (BUT NOT the HTML itself, or it will stop working)

2. PICTINGS Google Chrome can also pixel by pixel compare the pictures to fakes and see that they definitely belong to another site. Suspicious, especially if this other site is BANK.

Therefore, do the following: 1. Open all the pictures on the fake in Photoshop program 2. Go to Hue/Saturation settings 3. Change color 1 or 3 slightly.

That’s it, the pictures are different now ?

3. Other factors Don’t bet on https domain. I don’t know why, but when I put it this way fake gets blocked much faster. Change id in html code for less suspicious text. No one sees them visually anyway. Chrome does.

There you go. Now you’ve become a pro at right-fake-from-the-google-that-is-not-banned. I hope I’ve taken away your -1 headache with this lesson.

If you need anything, email me to help.

dumps cc sites 2020

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