dumps with pin 2020

[RUS] Hello all, colleagues! Our team, or rather our projects, have reached a new level in sales, pulling in almost the entire Asian market. Several guys have retired and it’s hard for us to provide all the customers with our own resources. We invite talents to the team for cooperation in the field of hacking, comrades who know how to mine CC CVV bases.

Why us? -Best conditions on the market, crystal honest seller panel is not just statistics, and information on each card, when it was bought, checked or not, at what price and more. -Do you know the situation where you rent bases in shops, and they are sold at 50-70% at best, then the material simply lay there and die? -We sell all the bases are completely under 0 (of course, if it is a marketable country, rather than exotic), there is no residue, because the rest of us bought up for merchandise Arabs / Chinese.You get the maximum profit. -Regular partners permanent advances. -Payments every 10 minutes in any way that is convenient for you. -We will help you finish the grid or open this or that project, and vice versa, let set/etc, which themselves could not cope. -Important bot for point attacks, macros, etc. -Have some strongest cryptographers who will do their best to decode your bases. -Every year we spend huge amounts of money to buy various splots. -Pure reputation for 12 years of work. -A friendly, cohesive team that is always ready to help in various situations. ARE READY TO PUT A SEVEN-FIGURE SUM IN THE GUARANTOR. we sell up to 100k CC CVV per day!

[ENG] Greetings collegues!! Our team, but our projects more precisely have reached a new level of sales, as we grabbed quite whole asia market. Some of our guys have retired and it is hard to supply all consumers by our own. We are inviting taleneted people for cooperation in the fields of hacking, people who can obtain CC CVV bases. Why us? -We provide best market conditions, crystally hones seller panel it is not simple statistics, you get an info about every card, buy time, check results, price and many other. -Are you familiar with situation when you pass your base into shop but it sell for 50-70% only, in best scenario, but after that your stuff simply lie down and die? -Our bases are sold out mostly (of course it depents on valuable country, we do not talk about exotic ones), there are no remains, as they are bought up by arab/chinese for merchants. You get maximum profit out of your base. -For decent partners there is an advance payout system. -Payout every 10 minutes by any way convenient for you. -We can help you root the network or finish up one or another project and vise versa we can profit networks/etc where we stuck. -We have a bot for aimed attacks, macros and etc. -We have several strongest cryptography exports that would apply all their knowledge to decode your bases. -We spend great amounts every year for different exploits. -We have earned clearest reputation for 12 years of work. -We have a friendly and well-coordinated team that will always help you in different situations. WE ARE READY TO PUT IN THE GUARANTEE 7 FIGURE AMOUNT. IN A DAY WE SELL UP TO 100k CC CVV.

We are professionals that value clients and never prioritizes money, therefore we will not take bad valid bases and people that are not aimed to work honestly.

dumps with pin 2020

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