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Not particularly easy, really. There are special terms and a lot of twisting in places.

Intro: I’m not sure that most of the people here will be interested, but as it turned out during one discussion, there is interest in the topic and it is worth trying. Of course, you can buy a new phone once a week or give the existing one to a specialist. But the first increases the entropy of the universe, while the specialist acquaintance can be said to be busy. Also it turned out, that on mobile forums the questions and answers about changing the serial number are not in fashion, because moderators ban such smart guys. So to say, that less stealing and then unlocking. O_o I learnt about the possibility of changing IMEI in Siemens x65 except for flash swapping. But I haven’t thrown my M65 away or sold it, so it together with the MA-8730P USB cable did the following. It turns out that I can listen to mp3 and run elf binary instead of java midlets on the x65. Cool, but that’s a different story.

So we need three programs: PapuaUtils for working with phone codes, V_Klay patcher and x65flasher. V_Klay can work as a flasher as well, but it has smaller speed range and subjectively slower operation.

Keys. First you need to run PapuaUtils and calculate the keys. The best way to do this is using midlet px75v1. You will need to download it into your phone and run it there. With HASH and ESN extracted run in PapuaUtils SKEY and BootKEY (BKEY) calculation. All found keys should be saved in a safe place (ESN for x65flasher as well). The reason is that if the device is dead and full-flash is absent (wrongly read or unclearly deleted), this at least gives you some hope that the device will by non-trivial efforts restore to life. Then write the found BKEY to the V_Klay lowrider (file x65.vkd, there it is all described there).

Backup. Run Clay. The first time it connects to the phone it will try to make a full backup, let it do that. Also know how to do it x65flasher (that’s amazing) and PapuaUtils (flash tab).

Disabling hardware IMEI check. Option one, easy. Googling x65_IMAI_changer (exactly IMAI). Pull out from the phone a piece of memory with size 0x40000, starting from zero address. For x75 it starts with 0x40000. Feed this file to the changer by pressing Disable OTP button. The changer will give you a chance to save it, put the file next to it and mark it with the _patched tag. That will be all. There’s no need to follow other advice in the manual of the changer, it will be for the firmware versions not bigger than 25. Ha, it sews and 43, and 50, and 58 (M65 I mean). Option two, manually. Actually the changes made are minimal. It’s easier to show on patches for specific firmware found on file comparison:

In general, look for the second sequence 0x0410A0E10D00A0E1, it is the beginning of the patch. You can look at the file in the hex, make sure. For example, the changer could not find anything in the file from S65_v58. Switching Glue from phone mode to file mode. Open full-flush (a copy for experiments, of course!). And write the file, produced by changer to this full flash to the address from which it was taken. In the manual version just patch, as described above. You can even use those patches, if the model and version match any of them. The resulting full flash can then be used repeatedly. But it will freeze old SMS-messages, contacts in address book, etc.

Useful, but not necessary Since we work with full-flash, EEPROM loss is not a problem. But keep in mind, we’d better discover some IMEI related hidden blocks. Just wait and see what special software buttons you want to push. That’s why we’ll apply this little patch just in case (only for the specified firmware version! search rules):


Change IMEI Next, let’s take up PapuaUtils again. On Miscellaneous tab it has a Notch area. Actually it is intended to write IMEI to the phone if flash drive is empty. Phone is switched off, then you have to write in a window and press Freeze. After resume resume the number and after that enter to Converter tab, where we find Recalk FullFlash button. This is correct and proper modification of FullFlash for the new IMEI, unlike aforementioned changer. Plus it works on all versions.

IMEI Calculation Optional. It is possible to put zeros in it as well. But you can specify Vertu or A35 (like, don’t touch the sucker, haha). Generally, list of manufacturers is here: https://www.nobbi.com/tacquerydb.htm Description of fields is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMEI Check sum calculation can be done quickly here: https://javascript.internet.com/forms/credit-card-number-validation.html Yes, yes, for cards the last digit is also calculated by the Luhn formula.

The programs used are freeware and were taken from the following places: https://vi-soft.com.ua https://papuas.allsiemens.com/PapuaUtils.htm https://chaos.allsiemens.com/software.html x65_IMAI_changer is googled on forums that require registration to download.

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Copyright (C) 2007 totoshka specially for https://ver.sc

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