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Q: Is the topic of Ebay relevant right now? A: It will be relevant as long as there are gullible people.

Q: Should I start with Ebay? A: No. You have to start with ebay. The subject of ebay is difficult for a beginner and will only lead to losing money.

Q: Which Ebay ( .com, .de, .co.uk etc.) should I choose to work in? A: Which language you know best is the best to work with.

Q: Where do I get accounts from, register them myself or buy them? A: Neither. The best accounts from spam scams. Next, sort out the logs and check, in the bar not an active accounts to enter ss. Of course, the best way to pump himself, but it’s very long and boring.

Q: Why shouldn’t I buy accounts from 3 people? A: Because that same account can be sold to someone else. It can be really baer with inserted left ss and you will be sold it as a seller’s account. It is hard to see if an account is already active and not always if it looks like it’s not an asset, but you will never get your money back. And of course the price of this account, what do you think is cheaper to buy a scam ($50), you’ll spam it in 2-3 million($200-300) and get a minimum of 3000 aks or you can buy 10-15 non active sellers of unknown origin.

Q: What are the best lots? A: Expensive and very expensive, the steeper the account, the steeper the lot. But it’s not worth to put cars, motorbikes and expensive equipment. It’s also useful to have at least a minimal understanding of what you bid.

Q: Where do I get lots from? A: The ideal option is to do it yourself. Acceptable set a search on ebay for the right criteria to save 150-200 lots and sustain them for 2-3 months, if you do it all the time, it works out well.

Q: What’s the best deadline for an auction? A: If it’s a stolen account 5 days, if yours is promoted or zeroed 7 days.

Q: Which methods of payment are preferred? A: Those that your dropper can pour quickly and efficiently. A good dropper on a stick with a transfer of your percentage to WM within 5-7 days is worth its weight in gold.

Q: So, a banger sends a check/stick/vaer to my drop, and now what? I’m supposed to give him a track, right? A: There are three options:

1) Treat that you are now in another state and as you arrive immediately send, write that your wife, grandmother, etc. is sick. 2) Fake Tracking service, and give a broker the fake track, to his outrage why not Fedex, answer that you can return everything and send Fedexom. 3) Ask the drop guy to send all the junk to the bailer by the longest possible method.

Q: How much can I earn per month on Ebay? A: Between 2k and 50k. I’m not aware of any other options.

Q: How to excuse myself if the bar asks for a call or wants to? A: If the item is expensive make a redirect or order a call.

Q: Does Ebay frequently suspend accounts? (Account freezing) A: It all depends on the account itself. The anti-fraud on Ebay is pretty scarce. But there’s a bunch of snitches and off ebay people. They have a whole nation of snitches accustomed to it since childhood. Never forget that.

Q: How to bet the lot? A: I do it with my browser, proxy any country like Ebay, time to same country, windas is english. I set my browser to any country, time is the same, Windows is the same country, everything. No need Vmware.

Q: What should I write in the item location field? A: If you’re sure about the drop that it won’t die before the end of the ac, its state. If not, just the country US, UK, DE etc.

Q: Do I write how much shipping will cost? A: As you wish, I don’t write, I just say by email.

Q: Is it possible to bump into our brother yourself? A: It’s easy for a nobody, it’s hard for a professional. Over time, you yourself will understand which item is left and which is not. Which bayer cheats you and which will pay you. In any case, this is the subject of a separate article, which will no longer be public.

Q: I have an account without a soap, I was told it’s useless, can I get something from it ? A: You can if it is not active. Sell it for 1-7$ or change your e-mail, fill up a Holder’s box with spam, wait several days after the change of soap and try to sell the expensive air =)


Q: If my English/German is bad, can I work on Ebay? A: Anything is possible. Just for those for whom this language is native, it is very funny to read your descriptions of lots. Better find yourself a partner with the language.

Q: Sometimes when you change the soap, it asks for cardboard, and sometimes it doesn’t. What’s the matter? A: Most likely the ones that ask strong not an asset were and change the soap was suspicious.

Q: Who buys a base of accounts, how to check it properly? A:You can find sellers by making an ad, good wholesale, cheap, but take the logs not scammed and cheaper, and more profitable, and better make it yourself. Sells not a lot of people, but the normal quality units. For this reason use the guarantor. Do not take with trii, because almost all the aki will be active. Check Ebay checker from Agresor or hands, the overall speed difference is not particularly great.


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