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So, I decided to write an article about enrollment on the example of First USA Bank, because this bank is the easiest and suitable for beginners. Nowadays in most USA banks (but not all) all you need to know is DOB* and SSN** to enroll credit cards. Once you bought a card (in our case the card needed First USA bank), punch his SSN (DOB is not required), to punch these details can some people on the forum for a modest fee (in most cases, the price of punching is 1.5-2.5 dollars). Next, go to the bank’s website(http://www.firstusa.com/) in the upper left corner we see two fields for username and pass, and below there is an enrollment option, click there now we see two fields: 1. Here we need to enter our credit card number (without spaces and without dashes); 2. 2. This field must be used for inputting our CHN. You will be checked, if everything is correct and the card is valid, you will find yourself on the page of user verification, this is to confirm that the card is enrolled by Holder and not by third person (well, this is a stupid American system), here we need to enter the expiration date of the credit card and the color code (details about the color code and expdate in previous articles). If everything is correct, the page for username and password entry will appear. Enter the login and password, that’s it! Card authorised, click on the link and go to the account of the card. We see there are a lot of numbers and letters. Now I will explain most of what is written there:

Total Credit Limit $10,600.00 How much maximum money can be on the card Cash Advance Limit $2,120.00 How much can be withdrawn from an ATM Available Credit $10,533.00 Available money on the card Outstanding Balance $66.95 how much is spent

You should focus on the Available Credit line. I would like to warn you beforehand, sometimes there are such interesting accounts, that there are several credit cards. In this case, watch the last 4-th digits on your card, so as not to mix things up. To change the address on the map click on the list that will open, it is located to the left of the card number, look for the option Change address, click and get to the page to change the address. Well here, I think you will figure it out by yourself. After changing the address, wait about 24 hours (by the way, in different banks the process of changing the address is a different amount of time, in our case with First it will go about 24 hours, ie, do not use the card within 24 hours after smnu address), and then you can freely card the goods on your dropp. Well, that’s basically it, everyone have a good start and enjoy your work!

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