Fake ID pickup in USA Receive/Forward/Buy in EU |” dumps with cvv

Our experienced team with their long time experience in the USA and European carjacking industry is here to provide you with a quality service called The Old Ronin.


1. We work exclusively on Pick up Fake ID at Apple, Microsoft, BestBuy, FedEx, UPS and more. Pick up in places where it is possible to pick up parcel using Fake ID without providing credit card 2. Total value of item must be at least $900 (minimum value on amazon) 3. Payment after picking up and inspecting parcel up to 1-2 business days (each unpacking is captured on video). 4. Pickup in man and woman’s name. 5. If worker did not pick up parcel within 5 days and after that there was a return, a minimum compensation is paid up to $100 6. No compensation will be paid if: the drop has asked for passport / the drop has asked for credit card / the shop has unfolded the parcel 7. Service does not answer if you have made the parcel without agreeing on the branch and the goods. 8. Service does not respond if operators request passport as a second document. (but we go out of our way to accommodate the customer and go to the shop again for free, trying to pick up the warrant) 9. Hold paca do it yourself. 10. We deal with shipping, all conditions are negotiated individually.

List of liquidations for scooping in the USA:

https://pastebin.com/m6aZjr8i (Items that are not on the list are negotiated individually, remember everything can be negotiated)

https://pastebin.com/NYy1HNpF EU terms and conditions

https://pastebin.com/PVnYGBjt EU payments

Telegram theoldroninUSAUSASAP theoldroninEUEUSAP


Contact PM for Jabber

dumps with cvv

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