FedEx and UPS label service!” dumps cc shop

Greetings All!

Glad to present your FedEx and UPS label manufacturing service.

Before going public the service was tested on more than 80 packs. Up to now, more than 100 packs for members of this forum were also successfully delivered to the addressees. I hope they will take their time and write in this topic about the quality of service.

I would also like to offer A special service to get your packs out of dying drops.

Many people have experienced that by dying, due to expiration date or for other reasons, such as inspectors, police, etc., the drop, with skillful work of the caller, still agrees to send packs back to the shop. I’m sure a lot of people have had similar experiences. This is where you knock to me for the label, I will arrange it for you with the return address to the shop. Droop sends it safely, and I change the shipping address to the one you provide me the same day. Everyone is happy, including the drop


PRICES for FedEx and UPS labels:

US US 10$

US RU, UA, CIS, EU and then the whole world $10

EU EU, RU, UA, CIS, and then the whole world $10

US US pulling out a pack with a redo $15

Payment in WMZ

A flexible payment system is available for droppers and large customers.


I will try to cover practically all the points in this section in order to avoid unnecessary questions, misunderstandings and to make the work smooth and pleasant for both sides.


You, by knocking on my toad or ICQ, provide information for the label. I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that you have to tell me which label you need. If the label should be with Pickup, then also, immediately say so. By default, the service makes labels without Pickup!

If the drop will send the pack in 3 days, after the holidays, etc. then I do NOT recommend ordering the label in advance a few days in advance! Although labels live a long time, sometimes for weeks or months, but the fresher the label, the better.

For a label within the US, information in the following format would be fine:


First,Last name Address, ZIP, Phone


First,Last name Address, ZIP, Phone


For label in RU, UA, CIS, EU and further around the world you need info in the following format:


First,Last name Address, ZIP, Phone


First,Last name Address, ZIP,Country Phone

Weight, Description, Price!

All labels in RU, UA, CIS, EU and further around the world are made with an invoice! Therefore, I recommend to give objective information by description, price and weight.

Many people are concerned that the drop shipper may receive a demand for payment of the label from FedEx after some time. In principle, I haven’t seen this yet, but anything is possible. How to avoid this? In the info you give when ordering the label, specify a slightly modified drop-sender address. There’s no other cure.

Guarantees! In spite of big percentage of passing of packages in RU, CIS, EU, etc., it is necessary to remember, that labels though are made not with cc, but also from my pocket they are not paid. Therefore, referring to the service, the Customer should understand that there is no 100% guarantee for labels, except for those paid for real cache.

I look forward to hearing from everyone at the contacts listed below!


JID: primary [emailprotected] and backup [emailprotected] ICQ: 237888

Online daily from 15:00 to 03:00 MSK.


1. Positive experience in sending your packages on the territory of EU (Germany, Italy, France, the Baltic States, etc.). Apply!

2. Please note, the service provides labels instead of locked labels only for labels made by US. International labels (RU, UA, CIS, AU), as well as EU labels are not eligible for this compensation.

dumps cc shop

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