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BT Balance transfer(UK)

Here we go.

Probably many have heard about this money transfer method as Balance transfer ?! but not everyone knows where it can be sent from, that’s where I will help you today!

So, let’s start with boring, Balance transfer is a way of transferring money online, from debit account to debit account of any other bank, in our case it is banks of United Kingdom. Timing of crediting: 7-8 days after sending balance transfer (on the 8th day is usually already available for withdrawal atm) . Other terms are also possible, I often came across people who had other terms for bt crediting, so I will describe by specific yuk bank.

(Bank name: Halifax UK) 1. Getting ready to pour in

First of all, we find a yuk aces dealer and buy a couple of halik aces from him. Find a yuk dropper who has drops with debit accounts, negotiate a percentage with the dropper (35-40% of the net usually) We pick up a yuk juice and negotiate with the dropper about the time to make the drop.

Drain BT from the halic: Going to the halic acct and then select the cc account (Checking account is not touching! If after the balance transfer aces remain alive, you can drain the money from the checking account via interbank, I think there will be no questions). After you have come on cc, click in Update personal information after what we have an opportunity to do Balance transfer to another yuk bank debit account. Information needed for BT transfer: Number of debit account where the transfer will be made, no more info not needed! Pour: Before to make a filling for a decent amount of money you can do small transfer and then pour a decent amount of money (Talked to people who by their words were the sum of 8-10k that is very surprising for such a zazazannoy country).I personally, did bt 4k and I was very surprised 7-8 days after my fill, drop was to atm and took the entire amount for 3 days (3 days because of the small limits on withdrawal), and the most amazing thing is that acq where I poured, lived another couple of months (First thought that luck and then got more acqs that have lived a decent time after fill)

2. A little more information

Not all debit accounts can be drained balance transfer from halik After you fill you can not see when and how much money took the drop in the atm, after filling visible lili when the money credited drop to the account (When the drop gets the money on your account in curent balance is added amount that you sent) Before you pour BT, first find droppovodovoda who understands the subject and has reviews zalivschiki. I say this because a lot of cases of cheating on stripping balance transfer by droppovodov, so be vigilant in choosing droppovoda.

Bottom line: In this article I have briefly described what bank you can drain BT from and what you need to do so. This information is given in general aspects and does not imply the instruction on detailed draining of BT!

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fernandogoods cvv

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