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1. Organizing an anonymous service in the Homeland.

If you are offered a “roof” by all kinds of people with an undefined occupation, here is my advice: send them away and warn them not to appear on your horizon anymore, in order to avoid continuing the conversation in the investigator’s office.

The best way is friends, but as they say, trust but verify.

It is also possible (in my opinion, a safer way) to find a trusted person in the USA on whose behalf many transactions will be performed in the future. You may ask, “Where do we get such a person?” About that later.

Basically guaranteeing your safety in your homeland depends only on you and your healthy imagination.

2. List of qualities you should possess.

good knowledge of English (required); sociability (at any time of the day or night you should have an answer to the “stupid questions” drop); clock access to the Internet; any experience working with people; more or less adequate age (in my opinion 22 );

3. getting ready for work.

Make sure that you meet all of the above qualities. Provide yourself with a more or less plausible legend for the authorities about your occupation. Think about how you will disclose (declare) your income, if of course there is one. Do not disclose your work to anyone (your safety and freedom directly depends on it).

4. Getting started.

Come up with the name of the company on whose behalf you will be transacting. EXAMPLE: AAA Electronics Co. Make a minimal representation of the company on the Internet. Not polopoloho make a site and register a domain (if you have valid cards is not a problem). E-mail at least this is a must. Come up with the name of the head of the firm, whose name you will sign the official dispatch of the firm (for this is a good idea to name any cardholder and its billing infa). Come up with the name of the manager of the company, which will directly communicate with a drop through the network. All further operations will be conducted from this name.

You must have a working e-mail account in the manager’s name.


5. Initial publicity.

Spam is bad. So let’s act like a solid American office. Search the search engines and you will easily find services that provide services for employers and accept online payments. Example : www.********.com

Необходимо составить постинг. Пример: Job Post: Correspondence assistant/manager Honest Workers Needed!!! Are you blessed with a new child yet unable to attend work? Are you a college student with odd class schedules impairing regular work time? Well youre in luck!!! We are looking for honest and communicative people to sort, store, and make readily available our delivered correspondence from your own home!! This is not a sales gimmick requiring you to pay setup fees or sign up to a mailing list. This is a business requiring only limited amounts of your time. Spaces are limited so act now for this great intuitive job offer. We have a few locations to choose from. For the Arizona region we require people in the Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Gilbert areas. For the California region we are accepting applications for the cities of Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Camarillo, Ventura, Ojai, and Oak View. We are sorry but if you are not in the listed cities or in the vicinity of, your application request will be denied. Please send your resumes to: ВАШ Е-МАЙЛ. or if you are without resume or employment history simply send your name address and a few comments or reasons why you should be considered for this position. We are sorry but P.O Boxes will not be accepted. DO NOT TURN THIS OFFER DOWN!! GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!

Next, just wait, you will get resumes sent to you (100% verified). The more postings you make, the more resumes you will receive.

6. Mail processing.

Upon receipt of the resume, you should make it clear what it is actually about. That is, you should send some information to the potential dropper about your JOB OFFER. EXAMPLE: Dear friend,

Thank you for your resume. Your resume has been reviewed and accepted. Please read the text below carefully there is some information about ИМЯ ВАШЕЙ КОНТОРЫ.

Common information:

ИМЯ ВАШЕЙ КОНТОРЫ., is young high-growing multinational company. We have more than 30 departments worldwide (Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Southern Africa, North and South Americas). Our company is engaged in correspondence managing, distributing different goods worldwide, buying and reselling these goods.

Goods descriptions:

Consumer electronics of different kind (DVD players, home theatres, audio players, video equipment, audio equipment etc.); Sport equipment; Luxuries; Home computers and computer components for desktop systems, notebooks, PDAs; Office equipment; Mobile equipment (cellular phones, pagers, GPSs etc.); Car parts (small car parts); Clothes;

We dont operate with goods contain the materials and technologies restricted for export/import.

Nowadays vacancies:

Correspondence manager;

Correspondence manager description.

We are looking for honest and smart people for this position.

Requirements: computer with e-mail; USA resident; Adult people only (we cannot hire people who dont reach the adult edge); 2-3 hours free during the week (mainly in the evening / non-business hours) for communication; banking account (if possible) to receive funds from our company for the activity; scanned photo (fax is possible);

Job description:

Persons who will be accepted for this job will follow these simple instructions:

1. Receive the correspondence from our company to his/her residential address; 2. Report to our manager (every candidate will be included in managers lists) 3. Repack received items following the instructions our manager will send to you. 4. Receive money from our company for shipping and payment for each shipped out package. Money transfer method described below. First month we offer 65$/each shipped out box. 5. Fill the forms and papers as it will be shown in our managers instructions (you will receive e-mail with instructions for each box). 6. Ship the package out using the specified shipping method (at this moment we use mainly EMS /every USPS office can ship it with EMS Global Express/)

Money transfer methods:

1. Western Union; 2. Money Gramm; 3. Wire transfer to your banking account (preferred method)

You will need no money to start, just fill the form with your personal information and send it to us by e-mail. Every completed form will be reviewed and our manager will contact you same day.


Please be free to ask us any questions you will have.

Thank you for reading this document. Good luck.


7. Response processing.

Upon receipt of the completed forms, you will begin to process the dropbox from the Manager’s position. EXAMPLE: Hello,

My name is David Hoffman, project manager ИМЯ ВАШЕЙ КОНТОРЫ

Your personal information and resume has been redirected to me. I will inform you with the next steps of our business.

Please be free to ask me any questions.

From this moment your address added into our postal database and I will inform you when the first packages will go to your locations. First time we will start with not expensive goods.

Please proceed the next steps :

1. Choose the Money transfer method:

Western Union; Money Gramm; Wire transfer to your banking account (preferred method)

If you choose the wire transfer please send me your account information for SWIFT wire transfers or fill the form:

2. Send me the e-mail confirmation that you re ready for receiving the items from us.

Thank you. David Hoffman, Project manager, ИМЯ ВАШЕЙ КОНТОРЫ

8. Getting Started with Drop.

Never let drop from your attention. Write to him, and he will be as loyal to YOU as Krupskaya V.I. Ulyanov.

Poke him with small things PDAs, numbers, etc. Accept these items from him. If you have a proxy in the U.S., you can arrange sales in the U.S.. If you have any questions email me I will answer as possible and available free time.


Build a contract (you’ll need one for long term use of the drop anyway). There are a lot of standard contracts on the internet and if you try hard enough you can find one without any problems. If you can not find it I will. Print a contract (more copies), put the seal (seals and stamps on the forum to order no problem), send your trustee. He (she) distributes (dispatch) droppers. By the way, the trustee may be in the presence of fake-documents from your company to collect from droops, sort, pack and send you the goods. In general, about this later.

Under U.S. law, when cops take a drop, they will look for so-called “malice”. If not, the fate of the drop can be greatly alleviated.

10. Drop Lifetime

In my experience there was a drop that lived for 1 year. But that’s rare. On average, 3-4 months.

Thank you all

Copyright (C) 2004 Koster.

neiman marcus cc

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