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Before we talk about its technical component, let us take a small lyrical digression. Using third-party VPN services, making our own VPN configurations, we have encountered a lot of inconveniences. Communicating via Jabber and E-mail, that leads to waiting for technical support, manual payment and billing, painful connection setup, inability to promptly change VPN servers. In case of some problem we are forced to stay without VPN for several days and look for another one or ask for its substitution. With our service VPNLAB.net we have eliminated all these shortcomings.

In order to start working with our service, and connect to the Internet via VPN it takes only 5 minutes, at any time of the day. Creating an account, payment, choosing a tariff plan, getting a certificate and configured client configuration, all this works automatically.

If there are any problems with your primary server, you can also automatically access the backup server until the problem is corrected.


We are confident that we have created a convenient, quality product that you will love.

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The technical side of our service is :

OpenVPN and Double OpenVPN with 2048 bit key and access password; Fully automatic control panel: purchase, tariff selection, payment; Servers in Europe and USA, double connection based on available servers in any direction; Switchover to another server in minutes; Can be used with any type of connection and any operating system; MoneyBack as per client request, minus used days; Flexible price policy, one of the most favorable price t

We are pleased to introduce you to our lab, VPNLAB.netand we hope you enjoy it.

fullz store

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