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I will write a few steps to help someone who wants to. 1. make a list of cities. 2. For each city, search by ATM locator what banks are there. (you can search by country) _ let’s assume that there are mostly 5 banks in the country dominated by street ATMs. 3. Visit sites of these banks in the section ATM locator. and save all addresses. (or by the criterion of cities.) 4. line up according to the system that is convenient, or alphabetically, if it is convenient for someone :-), or with markings on the map.

and then, as scouts get into town, they don’t waste time looking and don’t call back and say they can’t find anything. and you know exactly what they are working on, and after 2 hours of searching it is already clear which bank has which models (usually the bank has no more than 3 atm models)

All maps, listings, URLs can be found on google, graphic maps on tourist sites, and again on googl’s satellite map. so exploration is very easy these days.

method 2. your native PDA, you buy a map, or take it from the network, and by the map you select ATM points by criterion, all points are printed out on the screen, also by the bank criterion and routes can be drawn.

when you send people on reconnaissance, I will say from my experience that for 1 day, with a car, almost without knowing the city, and having only a map and addresses, and rsuya routes in the car to find a complete 6-7 jobs. while cutting off more than 15, as unpromising or too risky. after a case-by-case analysis of statistics, and after observation from these 6-7 places remain 2-3 actually ready places for work. of which 1 is the main, and the second or 2 and 3 as spare.

(resume 1 day of full exploration brings 2-3 real jobs.)

If more enterprising attitude, you can scout for 3-4 days, and collect a lot of points, then analyze all the information and identify the most successful places. or for example points, with a shift-work.

explain. that shift work – is when, for example, from 12.00 to 15.00 work in one place, at 15.00 removed the equipment and went to another place. at 16.00 hung on the second, and worked until 19.00 and at 20.00 hung on the third and up to 01.Such a method is used in two cases, either to cover the most successful intervals (according to the number of holdings) or by the criterion of the safest work in a certain place.

I have just slightly opened the system of intelligence work, a rational system. for those who have not yet engaged in it. and those who have been engaged – will find here the methodology of shift work. and will also be as a useful idea.

If you have fresh and useful ideas, write them down. It’s better to learn from common experience than to waste time in isolation.

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fullz with dl shop

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