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In the near future I have plans to write a five-part series of articles:

Introduction, goal setting, planning. 1/5 Reconnaissance. 2/5 Preparing for installation. Installation. 3/5 Observation, removal. 4/5 Debriefing. Force majeure. 5/5

This is the first of them: introductory.

Let’s define what we want to do skimming for? If you want to make a million in three days without getting out of your chair, then close this post. If you think skimming is a Babble button, then close this post. If you want to earn very good money, but are willing to work with your head and not only, work hard and do it well, then this and the following posts are for you. If you want to get started in this field, move from another field to skimming, work and develop in this direction, then yes, this and subsequent posts are for you.

What do you need to start skimming professionally(!), as productively as possible and in accordance with your resources? 1. Hands, feet and a head on your shoulders. 2. Minimum: helpers (2 people). Better: employees/installers, whom we will train. 3. Start-up capital.

Starting capital: Minimum: 5k (1 device rental trip and associated group expenses) Recommended: 10k (2-3 devices rental / purchase 1 inexpensive device trip and associated group expenses) For professionals: 30k (purchase 2-3 good devices trip and associated group expenses)

Workers: 1 installer, 1 shooter (These must necessarily be different people). 1-2 observers.

You have to plan well first. A well-planned job is 50% of the job. You should have a complete clear plan of action in your head, or better yet, in your head and on a piece of paper. From the very idea to the last point: how to spend the money you earn This plan must be worked out and have no loose ends, everything must be clear as day. It is like going to the bakery: you think about buying a baguette or two. Next, you take the money with you, go get the car or a bike, drive to the bakery, choose from the range what you need and go back home. And all this without taking into account any force majeure (it rained/the bakery is closed/our favorite baguettes are out). But in our case, it’s a lot more complicated than going to the store. Therefore, a clear plan of all the actions, written responsibilities for each person and the system of work as a whole, will help you avoid mistakes in the future. Probably expensive mistakes. Very expensive. By spending N time in preparation, you will save yourself N*3 time in your work.

Consider the situation: a person was engaged in a certain subject. He has been making good money all this time, but over time it gets harder and harder to stay in this subject, it requires more and more time, and the income becomes less and less. At one time he saved up some good money and put it on deposit in the bank. Want to open a real business, but understanding that it kills a lot of time, and income is not the worst rate of 5% / month of invested funds, it fundamentally do not suit. He decides to simply move from one subject to another. And that topic will be skimming. He allocates $30k for this activity, deciding at the same time that he will not do any black work. And moreover, since he has a decent number of drop-ins from old topics, which are ready to work, it becomes even easier. All that remains is to train them.

Ideally, in this scenario, in order to engage in serious skimming right away, he will use a team of 7 people: 2 groups of 3 people and one senior for both groups. What are the responsibilities of the team leader: the leader is, in simple words, the manager. He is responsible for absolutely everything. You don’t want to communicate with seven people and have to explain yourself to each one separately. All of your negotiations, commands and financial calculations including those you are conducting with the most senior person. And he, in his turn, already gives commands to installers/removers, distributes finances within the group at his own discretion, as well as doing reconnaissance and, of course, as an unbeknownst person, he is an observer during the work itself.

Now a person faces the question of how to allocate finances. Buying a bunch of cheap skimmers seems irrational. If you have the opportunity, it is better to buy good skimmers at once: it has been decided to buy 2 good skimmers (one for each group). Given that the investor will not be working personally, he is naturally interested in skimmers with remote data transfer. What do we have in this series these days? Transmission by radio, by sms, by gps. On the radio falls away, because investor may not even be in the country that a constant radio signal transmission to find a point will not be any problem. SMS: although it seems that this is a great way, we are forgetting one very big problem: security. Texting is not safe, because after the skimmer is removed, having the SIM card in hand the first thing the cops will find out where the information has gone. Finding out where the SIM card was at the time of receiving sms is not a problem; all information is stored with the operator for a long time and is accurate to within a few meters. And being in different countries/cities is quite a complicated thing and creates additional inconvenience.

The body of the skimmer should be as small as possible and should not look like something foreign, thanks to modern technology.

Gprs is good. But which to use the camera or the pincpad? I think the answer is obvious: of course the pincpad. First, because we need remote transmission. Secondly, because with a camera we lose n% of the pins. And on a long distance, that translates into a loss of very good money. The pinpad should be minimally different from the actual atm pad. Ideally should use the original keyboards original materials for the mat. And to conclude the story about pinpads, let’s dilute the text a bit with pictures. What a good pinpad should look like: Zoom: Click

What a pingpad should NOT look like

So: goals have been set, equipment purchased, workers hired. What’s next? The next step is reconnaissance. We’ll talk about that in the next article.

P.S. I am not selling anything. If I suddenly start selling something, you will find out about it in the services section. This information is for general information only. Discussions are welcome.

Have fun skimming and please treat skimming as a business, be prudent and careful!

And don’t forget that there is no better recognition for an author than grateful readers.

2012 (c) Bonomo.

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