Fundamentals of substance carding.” moneybase cvv

This article will hopefully help newbies answer the age-old question of “how to steal smartly”. To begin with, we need to understand that here, as in any business, there is a chain, and if you just score a card somewhere, no one will send you the goods home. As a rule, this chain is implemented by 2 people, the one who cards the goods and the one who receives it. A beginner to do both at the same time almost impossible. Next, let’s consider these two links in more detail.

To begin with we need to find a store, naturally an online store where we will make the purchase. To get a plasma display with cinema for 10K will not work for many reasons. Choose a product such as a laptop or a camera, in general the price is lower than 1K -1.5K – for beginners is optimal IMHO. Farther we take the card itself, to purchase it needs to prepare. Tak to order the address of its owner will not work, and there is no point. Need to order at the drop. Drop is a citizen of the US, which diluted him to take the parcel and sent her where they say, and for it got their 30-50 bucks (hard work for life ahead – yyy). But let’s take our time, let’s assume we have this card: name_on_card=mark s messina address1=60 plainfeild ave city=west haven state=CT zipcode=06516 country=US credit_card=4*****0101504612 exp_month=03 exp_year=2008 cvv2=282

We go to the site of the store and order. (Do not hesitate to pay for the fastest possible delivery of the goods.) Addresses billing and shipping (i.e. delivery) are now the same for obvious reasons. Once the order is made to you will send a letter where will say that you need to call or just call you, so be online (do not forget about time zones). If you yourself can not speak to eng – ask an experienced caller. After the school “Hello. My name is Tom. How are you?” with a fucking katsapskiy accent you will be told to fuck off). Further, if your order is successfully confirmed over the phone, you will be given a Track number, which will be visible (through the site stores in a specific section) as and where the product is and when it will get drop. (By the way, never call the store yourself, if you are not asked for it – declaration guaranteed.) Then the job is droopovodov, he needs to call to dropp with instructions where to send the goods, by what service, etc. – You can send the goods to the fence, some send themselves home =)) It’s up to you.

Good luck.

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