Fuzecard or why plastic is no longer needed” feshop link

Hello all, dear forum members Finally decided to tell people who don’t know about FuzeCard. An amazing gadget that will allow you to finally give up your pee-mailer/emergency/encoder FOREVER.

This thing appeared as a startup back in 2017. Guess where? Korea rules! The guys decided to make a fully electronic payment tool that allows you to cram in up to 50 different bank/discount cards. Crazy!!! Say you, and I will fully support you. This card works much like a regular magnetic stripe card, but you don’t have to roll a FuzeCard to pay at a POS terminal. You just have to make a Fallback and then attach the card to the magnetic reader of the POS terminal. So, it emulates magnetic stripe of the card (the technology is very similar to MST from Samsung) and allows you to pay even 201/221/256/206 dump into any POS terminal without any limits. Of course it works on Fallback principle just like the regular 2XX plastic, but now you don’t have to chew/destroy the plastic in case of force majeure. All you have to do is press the Wipe button in the app on your phone, and the FuzeCard turns into a completely harmless brick. Of course, this thing doesn’t always work smoothly.

How do I order it and what is included?

You can order the official site from the Koreans (not recommended, personal experience was a lot of trouble at customs with the FSB and the cryptographic documents), and resellers in Moscow, site fuzecard.ru Includes himself FuzeCard, a small charger, wire MicroUSB, Jack 3.5 card reader, and a beautiful box with instructions.

Usage: 1) Take the plastic and roll the dump there using the encoder 2) Install the application on your phone and insert the magnetic Jack 3.5 into your phone 3) Take the finished plastic with the dump and roll it through the reader 4) Voila, you have the dump on your FuzeCard 5) Change the name on the home screen,through the mobile app, to your own 6) In your hands your full card with any dump 7) Pay for the settlement with 100% validation.

This scheme is very suitable if you just want to add your own card to FuzeCard. And extremely unsuitable if you will be pouring from 20 dumps per day. In order to develop a solution to completely do away with plastic and encoder, it was decided to refine the mobile app to manually add the dump directly into the smartphone app.

Soon, the application has been modified, and I’m ready to share it with generous users of FuzeCard on the verif (I accept offers in personal)



FuzeCard is ideal for real carding, and in general, it is cool enough and fashionable device for your wallet and wallet. The Koreans are not standing still and they already have some cold bitcoin wallets, on the FuzeCard (FuzeW), develop the Troika and Toller cards solution. And, of course, the long-awaited Fuze Card EMV edition. With full featured chip but as it seems to me it will not happen very soon. As EMV edition they announced back at the end of 2018. And it’s already 2021 Eh. How fast the time flies. And verif never gets old

feshop link

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