Hacking WiFi hotspots.” joker stash ssn

Consider hacking WiFi hotspots. As I write this article, I’ll be posting related software. Aside from free internet, this is one of the conditions of network security. I haven’t used my own networks in over 5 years.

I’ll start with the basics of hacking.

The fastest and easiest, WPS hacking router. There are many programs, my choice is Router Scan. I’ve hacked WPS points, lots and lots of them. Router Scan not only works with WPS, it also breaks points on the network (local area network IP ranges) You can watch this video on Youtube.

Router Scan, pick up here : https://yadi.sk/d/jvcO9s_Z7tw3xA[ /DATAENCODE]

For full functionality, install WinPcap_4_1_3 https://yadi.sk/d/XdVNlJuLJpWWhQ

=========================== Метод по-сложнее.

Handshake ( handshake ) method. We need a USB WiFi adapter. I use this one[/DATAENCODE ]

1) Catch handshake using the right software. wifislax-4-10-1-Ru.iso : https://yadi.sk/d/4MQIbNnzfJawLg Software in Russian, easy to use. Create bootable USB flash drive, rufus : https://yadi.sk/d/UA4gQJP8pIs1rQ Load wifislax-4-10-1-Ru.iso image Startup your computer with bootable USB flash drive. Handshake caught, save to any flash drive. Now we need to break the handshake.

2) Bruteforce Handshake is a troublesome process. You need a computer with a good CPU video card. With bruteforcing parameters, 150 400 thousand passwords per second. Wireless Password Recovery v3.3.5.520 cracking software, works under windows. The archive has a license key, do not bother with the expansion of the archive, I packed myself. 100% clean.

Soft : https://yadi.sk/d/_wCyknu7YLQkbQ Archive pass : Piligrim740

There’s also a video on youtube.

3) Bruteforce Dictionary. A good dictionary is 80% success rate. Dictionary, over 9 million passwords. Dictionary for Wireless Password Recovery : BYTS

Good hunting, guys.

joker stash ssn

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