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Almost all humanity is hostage to laziness. It is said that the human brain is designed in such a way that it seeks the easiest ways to solve any task in order to save its energy. How we like to lie on the couch, watch TV… And if we have to go somewhere? Well, I’ll probably lie down a little longer. I’ll go later.

Drops are probably no exception, and often having several offers choose the one that requires the least amount of time. So for some people, printing a document and then scanning it without a printer or scanner can be an insurmountable obstacle.

Exercise machines for the lazy have already been invented, now you can do sports lying on the couch. There are hundreds of thousands of motivational trainings all over the world that break down human stereotypes and laziness, but they don’t help everyone.

Can we use our knowledge when working with dropshots? In the first step of the Headhunting Funnel, we can apply our knowledge. Let’s give the droopy nerd the opportunity to fill out the Application Form while lying on the couch.

This can be an electronic PDF form or a Web form. There are a lot of services providing electronic forms on paid and free basis. One of the most popular services is Google Form, but if you want to expand the capabilities of your online form you can also use a paid service, you can find such service by entering in the search Online Form Builder, here are some of them:



https://s8.hostingkartinok.com/upload668ca2e750.jpg Almost all services offer adaptive design, which means that the page with the online form is evenly displayed on the screen of the monitor, smartphone and tablet. Each service offers a free version when working with its electronic form, but you are likely to be limited in something, such as the limit on the number of completed forms, but for a small drop-down project this is enough.

Next, the Headhunting Funnel uses an electronic contract. The e-contract option can be in .pdf format and allows the dropper to sign it in a few clicks. See the video for how it works.

The second way is to use electronic signature services, consider one of them, its name is DocuSign, docusign.com. The service offers 30 days of free use and different tariff plans. You can see how the electronic signature in the service works in the video.

The use of electronic documents and signatures at all stages of HEADHUNTing accelerates the process many times leaving old-fashioned methods far in the past. And the main task becomes making the maximum number of actions for the minimum amount of time. There is no doubt that business process automation and reduction of time costs will contribute greatly to the development of new techniques and become the foundation of technological breakthrough.

You can download the electronic Application Form in PDF format for free at: sendspace.com/file/mer036


To get the password to the archive just send a message to this toad: [emailprotected]

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