How to be white before the authorities or how to justify unjust profits” credit card dumps free 2020

After reading the articles of our esteemed memebers I decided to make a contribution. All written my personal experience, my perception and vision of the situation, and, frankly, I do not know how it will be projected on the Russian reality, but if someone can learn something for themselves, and it will be very glad. I’m not from Russia myself, so if you cannot implement my suggestions, I think you will find a decent alternative. Go to the janitors, that’s where you belong.

So , legalization of ill-gotten gains , the legend , not attracting the attention of authorities , or No pretty life for dummies.

[If you have already reached the level of earning about 1k dollars a month and you see that you can keep this level, or increase it in the future, I’m very glad you read this article. If you have already achieved earning from carding about $ 1k a month net, and you see an opportunity to maintain this level, or increase in the future, I’m very happy for you, and I recommend that you read the article and use my advice for me they work here as three years, and most problems that I had 12 days in jail, and periodic trips to give evidence. To begin a little bit about myself, I am 23 years old, in a month will be 24 (Uh, let’s take a walk), Russian, married. Officially working as the head of the restaurant in a small hotel, the position can be said to be a nominal, and takes me somewhere between 30-40 hours a week of work time. My main income comes from other topics close to yours, but in general it is the same cash on the essence. My unofficial earnings ranging from 750 to 2k per month, when it’s enough to be stable. My theme I am engaged long enough, more than 2 years.

So, in order to successfully get away from the authorities, and from everyone else, you need the following things :

1) Official work 2) Own office (I personally have LLC) 3) Clean bank account (for salaries, bills, etc.) 4) Offshore account, preferably in your name 5) Relatively clean credit history 6) Verifiable legend

I’ll explain it to you now :

Spending and wasting money :


Your bank account.

We receive our wages to the account. From our wages we pay out part of our credit cards, telephones, bills, utilities, etc.. To the same account we transfer the profits from our business, that is, what is left after all the taxes. About deducting costs through the office now will not spread, if that knock, give almost free advice I will only say that the pipes, and fuel, if you want you can write off on the office as two fingers on the asphalt. And get a bonus from the tax office. Also, part of the VAT can be returned, etc.etc.etc. Take from the state to the maximum, my friends, all that you are entitled to by law, must be taken away. By any means What remains on the account after all expenses are paid, like we live, that is, we go to the store with a card, we buy everything with the card, that is, a minimum of transactions with cash. As a former bank employee, this Transaction Pattern is considered very positive. You get the idea?

Offshore, and generally the problem of where to put the free remaining cash.

[I would recommend to save part of your money to your offshore account in the Baltics at least. Switzerland is too expensive for us, and the amount of 200-300 bucks a month is not too much, you will agree. But it is nice to have a small stash. I also recommend to find a solid brokerage firm with forex and keep part of the savings there, you play or not you play your business, but they can also play the role of banks, and quite successfully, and the additional income can be good if you want to and I have personally both an offshore personal account and forex. I have not had any problems. On these questions you can safely contact me if anything


Next, credit history.

It is desirable to have a couple of unpaid bills, it is useful, we are all human and we all have money problems. So a couple of small spots won’t hurt her, on the contrary, it will only help.

I hope somebody will find something new or useful in this article. Respectfully SL Consulting

Good luck in your work P.S. If you need advice on any matter covered in the article, please contact me, I know will tell you


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credit card dumps free 2020

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