How to bypass geolocation of any Wi-Fi device (live example)” the dump patio furniture

A man came to me with a request to bypass geolocation over Wi-Fi. He was interested in doing it. Well, it’s been done. But it took 3 months with the account of selection.

This example will work for the phone as well, but keep in mind that the geolocation in the phone implies more GPS sensors so it should be used with FakeGPS


PS: Also if you will change the Wi-FI in USB Wi-Fi adapter you can do it in the adapters Zyxel and may still fit some others, but after changing the Bssid on the adapters with the chipet realtek for example they refuse to distribute the Internet.

PS: Don’t forget about the Jamming Game e.g. 100% advise to jam 2.4 GHz, but 5GHz at your discretion, but as a rule the neighbor 5GHz signals do not come through


PS: Powerful jammers should not be used as they can affect your neighbors’ routers. Use several by fencing the perimeter of your Wi-Fi receiver.

the dump patio furniture

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