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How to choose a place to work with a skimmer.

Choosing a place to work with a skimmer is one of the main aspects in the end to get a lot of dough. I am often asked about how to choose the right place to install, so this article will actually be about that.

So let’s get started !!! Let’s start by defining that there are daytime, where the biggest flow of holders is during the day. there are evening ones and there are night ones. there are morning ones too. ??

There are quiet places up to about 50 people, sparse places from 50 to 100, lively places from 100 to 500.

Several criteria have an impact on work safety, for example, there is a small shop near ATM and its manager constantly stares outside and fires everything that happens around . Or there is a bar nearby where people sit idly staring around.

There are criteria that have a positive impact There are 4, 5 star hotels near the atm Or there are also plenty of discos, promenades, parks, nightclubs (where cash only), amusements, etc.

Getting to the place, assess the situation . Suppose we see a lot of tourists walking by, not far away, about 20 meters stands a grocery store, and across the street a tent


What do we do?

take statistics take photos of ATM, surrounding area, places for observation. determine where someone should stand, what they should do, seeing everything with their own eyes. mark the place on the map, save the photo, statistics data. see what time is the most crowded, and generally how many people pass through the given atm per day assess how difficult or easy it will be to install the device on the atm, plan how the installation should go, the arrangement of people, who and where should stand, who to move, where we put the device surveillance, etc.

and so process a dozen locations. (usually 1 day)

then, in the evening, we analyze the locations. * we compare the statistics, determining which locations are of interest to us. * determine which places are safer to set up, take down and convenient to observe. * determine how long we can hang the equipment at each place. * determine the locations. (out of 10, it is usually 2-3 successful ones)

then, after the analysis, we go to those places that have been identified. record the time of arrival and departure of the collectors (in the case of long-term observation) look with your eyes at the situation in the place that is defined and in the time period that is defined for work. look, trying the situation as if for yourself. as if the device is sitting at the time, if there is no fear and so on. if the observation is done correctly and the analysis is reasonable, then everything should be fine – it’s like a proper shish kebab recipe.

Suppose that we found a place where the flow of people is both him and the evening, we certainly want to remove all the bonus, but the day is more difficult to put, and if you do, then bored shopkeepers can burn, and evening is usually a good flow of people and shops full, so advisable not to be greedy and put the evening, and the street will already be slowly darkening, and sellers are busy and people are. Take your 50-70 dumps, if it’s an EU country, it’s about 20-60 K

Next, you can continue to work at a night spot (pre-prepared and analyzed), for example, a nightclub, where they take only cash. Find near it atm where the golden youth cashes money of their wealthy parents and accordingly also work off 20-50 dumps.

In conclusion, a few more theses that we have formulated based on our experience

try to avoid morning rigs. especially between 8 and 10 a.m. as a rule people are vigilant at that time. and that’s not to our advantage.

Try to avoid places where the number of people in a day passes by more than 250. As a rule, such places are stuffed with cameras.

Try to avoid cities with population under 15 thousand, they usually know not only their atm, but also every bump and crack in the road before the atm.

Try to avoid a place with a 24-hour kiosk across the street, or a bar caller.

Pay attention to places that are located at the entrances to wealthy areas (kesha passing by cars) or in wealthy neighborhoods.

If you see a Cash only bar, look for an ATM near you.

Try to avoid locations where there are 2 outdoor cameras. these locations are usually very popular, but also under special control.

Try not to set up in areas with a lot of illegals.

I invite everyone who is in the topic to express their vision of the work with the equipment and, if possible, share their experiences, I think it will be a useful experience for all.

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