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Our natural desire when installing a skimmer is to have as many people pass through this atm as possible. This is especially true if you are putting a skimmer in a brunch with 2-3 atm. So how can you increase the flow rate? There are several options.

1. Greed: – you can play on it, Europeans, just like Americans love free atm, nothing prevents you from putting up a sign that this ATM does not take a fee. More real and productive options next.

2. Simple and cheap way: – print A4 sheet Out of service and glue it with double-sided adhesive tape on top and bottom to the monitor screen. Also need to take a few sheets of A4 (so much so that the monitor does not shine through them) / cardboard / pre-made plastic plates. The method is certainly effective, but if you just use a sheet, it often will not last long. Therefore it is better to use pre-made plastic signs, glued to the double-sided adhesive tape, as they solve several issues at once: a). More confidence from holders to such plates. b). Do not shine through. Even stickers can be made if desired.

Just don’t bring it to this

3. Knockout atm: Quite an effective way to knock out the nearest atm (simply make it hang). In the past, when I personally worked on units, I was very active in using this method. Now I am only engaged in developing devices and controlling groups of installers. Today, fewer ATMs are using this trick. But still it is still relevant. So, what do we need to do to hang an ATM?

a). Make a hole in the card, in the part that is closer to the Holder at the moment the card is sucked in. Tie a rope to this edge. A thin one, but a strong one. One of the best options is caprone thread. And we tie it so it doesn’t cut through the card and it doesn’t come undone.

b). Approach with a card of some kind, with a strip and write on the strip. (at least 1 character must be written, otherwise the curtain will not open, because most motorized readers have an pre-read head, which opens the reader curtain only when it sees a magnetic strip, this is done to prevent the reader from shoving anything or just not inserting the card correctly)


c). Insert the card so that the atm starts to suck the card and then you need to catch the moment when the atm has already started to tighten and as if half-tighten, and you hold the card (by the thread) with your hand so that it starts to slip on the card. Result: literally a second or two of slippage on the map and it hangs.

If it did not hang the first time, repeat the procedure. Let the card tighten a little further, and then make a slip and as if pulling on itself. And when you pull on yourself, it will hang.

If it doesn’t hang anyway, we let it suck almost all of it in, but just so it doesn’t hide behind the curtain, the edge just to stick out. And then we pull the rope back. Not too fast, but not too slow. He should pass out. You might not get it right the first time.

And most importantly: Please use this method only as intended. There is no need to go and test this method on every atm you meet right now because the more we make it clear that we know the holes, the faster they will close them. Yes, there are many atm’s that are currently upgraded and many are not responding to this trick (it is probably working for 20-30% of atm right now), but the method is still effective. But I ask you not to use this method not on purpose.

4. Anti-Skimmer Break: As we have already learned from my previous articles, most anti-skimmers have a break sensor. If you break the anti-skimmer, the atm will go into Out of service. The method is certainly effective, but it has a big disadvantage due to Alarm, which will be followed by attendant’s arrival in the near future (1-24 hours)


P.S. Here we don’t consider vandalism methods with a hammer and crowbar. Of course, you are able to stick the card, make slippage and stuff stuff the card reader with stuff or cut the head with a chisel to prevent the shutter from opening, but it’s not good at all. Don’t mess with someone else’s property, it’s dangerous.

This is not even an article, but more food for thought and discussion. If you have something to share, please write!

Have fun skimming and please treat skimming as a business, be prudent and careful!

And don’t forget that there is no better recognition for an author than grateful readers.

2012 (c) Bonomo.

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