How to get up in carding as a beginner.” dump site for credit cards

To begin with, I’ll explain who the newcomer this article is written for is. It’s not the goody-goody Petya who was told by his neighbor that his elder brother “made good money on carding” and went online to ask all the idiotic questions. Beginner is a person who is registered on main carding forums, who has thoroughly read all fakas found on them, who knows main terminology (he doesn’t mix up dumps and ack ), but without even the slightest experience and without any money in his pocket.

The first thing worth remembering is that newcomers are not liked in carding. They are not actively and often with the whole crowd, so the phrase “sorry, I’m a beginner…” should completely disappear from your vocabulary. It’s not that carders are vile brutes, it’s just that questions like “I have an enrollment with pin, how do I cash it in?” piss a lot of people off. And generally, as in any money related business, prefer to work with trusted people. Cest la vie, can’t help it. Second, don’t ask anybody for anything. Remember, for all these people on the forums, you are nobody and your name is nobody. No one will help you for free, later you will understand why.

Next, what you’ll need. The aforementioned rega on forums – this is one. The necessary software, configured computer (I will not describe describe, if you read the appropriate faqs – you know) – this is two. Webmoney-wallet with at least 20 wmz on account. This pennies, which instantly pay off, so do not be greedy, save on beer.

I think, no one will argue, that the fastest way to get up to the level of a smart beginner is a ditcher. You already know what it is and have a general idea of how a dropper works, so I won’t repeat what has already been written before, but focus on the most important points.

So, whether you’re looking for an enroller, a dropper, or a ringmaster, don’t throw a “Looking for blah, blah, blah” post. The most you’ll get is a few inbox scammers. They may offer you to work through a guarantor, to give favourable terms – the main thing that you have to agree. At the time of the transaction “their” guarantor will be in the offe, with your they will not work – excuses will be sea, and the result is one – you will be in deep financial and moral failures, will lose faith in people and go to work at the plant. Remember the main thing – find people yourself. The key to success – paid advertising on the forum (small riffraff will not hang his banner for 100 bucks), feedback from famous people. And forget for a long time about deals with people from nowhere, with one or two recommendations from users with a monthly registration.

So, you bought an enrollment from a trusted dealer, went to the bank’s website, checked it, got happy with the account balance, and smirked lewdly. The money’s there, now all you have to do is get it out of there. Contact a proven dropper, asking if there are drops under the stuff, find out the terms (usually 20-30% of the minimum price, pay within a week after delivery to the dropper), write down the address and fill it in the bank site instead of addressing the owner of the enrobed card. You wait three or four days, check the enrollment – if everything is cool, it’s time to order the item.

To do this, it’s a good idea to find a shop that sends a no-call. There are some variants. Personally, I’ve found out my first shop from drop shopper by trying to get him to say something like “I’ve lost control over two hookers and my dialing is required… https://шоп_из_самой_жопы_гугля was sent to you from this one? Which one was it sent from?” and so on. Fantasize. If you have another 10 bucks, you can buy some simple cc cvv cards and hit them with these shops_from_the_ass_google, ordering to the cardholder’s address. Why not a drop? Because there are few stores which sends to addresses different from billing-address, and you are unlikely to find such, but if you see that the ordered photo successfully arrived to the surprised cardholder – then you can safely fill in this store your roll – the guys work without dialing. Nevertheless it’s better to be a little reassured and to indicate as the addressee phone number not taken from your head or base-forever-busy-phones (all are in blacklist for a long time), but the number obtained from google by ZIP-address request. The number of some lefty fax number in the destination city usually works.

So, we have a roll with the drop address, there is a gateway shop, all that’s left is to choose the product and enter the card correctly. About the first – do not be greedy, ordering a laptop for 2K – not a good idea. Photocam for 600 bucks for the first time – the best. About typing you should know yourself – system time is set to American, proxia selected by state, the Windows is configured, the Russian spirit is nowhere to smell – well, so help you F1, to save you F2 …


After you beat it, do not get bored, if there is money left in your wallet – buy more rolls, order in other shops, on other dropshops – do not keep all the eggs in one basket. If you did it right, then a few days later you’ll get the first fee. Now the main thing – do not drink it in joy, and put into action: buy an account on the proxy service, so as not to search for the right proxy in the free lists (a painful and thankless task), and choose from a list. You will spend about 30-40 bucks for that. The same amount of money will be spent on vpn. How much is it? Don’t save on safety, it is advised to remember it very firmly too.

With the rest of the money you can buy another enrollment, a dialler, in general – there is money, experiment. If you’re not too lazy, by the end of the month you’ll have your first kilobucket. At least, I had one.

P.S. They don’t make enrollment either. You can make enrollment by yourself and it will cost you about 7 bucks instead of 20-25 from your dealer. Then you’ll get lazy and go back to buying from dealers, and in the beginning… You find out what you need for the bank’s XYZ card (usually written on the bank’s site). You buy a few cards from the bank’s dealer, get the information you need from the bank’s card issuer, and register on the bank’s site with this information.

P.P.S. Here, by the way, the second variant of earnings practically from zero – trade enrolling. At the same time you can meet people and get some feedbacks/recommendations.

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