How to Install an OS in a Virtual Machine” ashley furniture cc

Describing from personal experience. I have XP and internet, as rolls on vista or any other provider, I do not know, may be its own nuances. Installed on a computer, as you learn, you can try on a password-protected flash drive!

First, create a folder on your desktop, and name it (the image), in your case whatever you want. Download from the web: Windows XP sp3 Lite.iso. Open a RAR file and we will see another RAR file. That is it we just drag and drop into the created folder (iso-image), not copy or something else, but drag.


Now let’s download: VMware-workstation-5.5.0-18463 Key: E3R68-P8QFD-N014A-4MXZP or search for it yourself

Run the cookbook…(I’ll explain by pages 1,2,3,4,5 that will appear) 1) click NEXT 2) check the box above and NEXT again 3) click NEXT 4) click NEXT 5) click NEXT 6) click INSTALL, wait a while 7) FINISH Everything, we have a shortcut to VMware Workstation on our desktop

Now click START, CONNECT, select what is above, PROPERTIES, ADDITIONAL and check the box next to (share connection to the Internet), in (select the connection to a private network) select LOCAL NETWORK CONNECTION, photo 1 double click OK, then click DISCONNECT. After that again connect to the Internet. There may be some more settings, I do not remember.

Launch the game from the desktop (now explain the pages 1,2,3,4,5 that will appear) 1) Close tooltips and click on NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE 2) click FURTHER 3) check the box below and click FURTHER 4) click FURTHER 5) click FURTHER 6) click FURTHER 7) click FURTHER 8) click FURTHER 9) check the box on the second line where you see (NAT) and click FURTHER 10) check LSI Logic and click FURTHER 11) click FURTHER 12) check the IDE and click FURTHER 13) check Allosate all disk cpase now and click FURTHER 14) click DONE Now study, The red button turns off and either of the two green buttons turn on. Picture 2 Click on EDIT VIRTUAL MACHINE SETTINGS (I will explain in the pages 1,2,3,4,5 which will appear) 1) click on CD-ROM (IDE 1:0) 2) check the Use ISO image and click on BROWSE 3) find the folder you created on the desktop and double click twice to show the path. photo 3 If the empty field is filled in, click OK


Now press the green button, and then click on the mouse to lose the cursor, and then press F2. But you have to do it quickly, before the game comes back to life. To display the cursor press CTRL and ALT simultaneously. We should get into BIOS photo 4. if that doesn’t work: Press red and try again.

In BIOS, use arrows to go to BOOT, and put CD-ROM DRIVE in the second line of the column with plus or minus. Here is what you get: 1) REMOVABLE DEVICES 2) CD-ROM DRIVE 3) HARD DRIVE 4) NETWORK BOOT FROM ADM . IF NOT SUCCESSFUL: Press red and try again. And if all is OK, go to EXIT and press ENTER twice

Then you will see the window photo 5 , Double-click ENTER As a result, cooker starts loading, to speed up just hold the cursor in the window cooker. I DO NOT KNOW WHY IT IS, IF I DO NOT TWITCH DOES NOT WORK!!! Now, choose the name of the computer, the bottom two fields do not touch, and press NEXT photo 6 . Now we wait and sometimes play with the cursor in the well. All right, it has booted and we see the desktop, now copy the key I gave you and click on HELP, then ENTER SERIAL NUMBER, in the top line enter the key and the two bottom enter something out of the blue and then click OK and OK again. Varya automatically sends to your site, but we ignore it!!!

Now click on VM then INSTALL VMWARE TOOLS and again INSTALL, NEXT, NEXT, and again INSTALL, FINICH and YES. Now the system will reboot and we will click on the red cross in the bottom right corner and in the popup window we will hit YES and then YES again.

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