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Firefox is still my default and favorite browser. Despite all sorts of weird decisions by its developers, there are still alternative solutions to get around them. Since version 43, Firefox by default blocks the installation of unsigned add-ons. Of course, this was done for the best of intentions, to ensure our security, to prevent the spread of malicious add-ons and similar high-minded blah-blah-blah. Developers of add-ons are required to submit them to Mozilla for review and approval, after which add-ons can be delivered via the official directory.

Many users didn’t like this innovation, including myself. I, for example, use some old, but still working quite well add-ons, development of which was stopped many years ago. Some add-ons I modify for my own needs, of course, after such changes the digital signature becomes invalid. Fortunately the developers then left the xpinstall.signatures.required option in the browser settings that allows me to disable digital signature checking for installed add-ons.

Starting with version 48, the freeware option is no longer supported by Firefox. Regardless of its value, when you try to install any unsigned extension, you will see a warning about the danger and installation will be blocked. But there is a way that you can still install third-party extensions in the Firefox browser.

You should first switch Firefox updates to the ESR (Extended Support Release) channel. This is the Extended Support Release version of the browser designed for use in organizations. It installs directly on top of the current version of Firefox, all settings remain in place, nothing is lost.

Now go to the settings page by typing about:config in the address bar. There, find the xpinstall.signatures.required parameter and double-click it to false. That’s all, now we can install any updates, including unsigned or modified ones, without any problems. Another idiotic nerf from efficient Firefox managers is successfully overcome.

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