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Decided to make a contribution to the forum… don’t judge me for explaining it =)

We will need

.razor broken in half .scalpel medical .salafan film (supermarkets wrap food her) .eraser .flamaster with UV ink .UV lamp and actually the card itself preferably that the red stripe is somewhere in the middle the joint sheet and photo


1. you have to cut the photo with the laminate under 90 degrees using a razor blade without taking care about the red line (this is one of the most important moments) the further quality depends on this, between the photo and the page there is some distance between 2. Detach from the photo laminate on the side where there is no red stripe not touching it all neatly trimmed (do not touch the red stripe it is already on a white background and does not interfere) 3. scalpel wet with water and remove the remains of the photo on the laminate with a red stripe (quite tedious exercise requires attention and patience so the scalpel does not spoil the laminate) 4. The photo should be matched to the laminate cut out and printed on paper no larger than 200g/m, dock it with a small strip on the sheet 5. from an eraser do a strip of letters MVD RUSSIA in water with water diluted with paint from a flamaster fits on the sheet, before this better experiment under a UV lamp to achieve the desired contrast as on the sheet with a passport 6. Cover with thin laminate, dry it with a hairdryer so as not to stick the laminate to another sheet press the book for 6-7 hours to squeeze the photo with our laminate


don’t think you’ll succeed after the first one, you’ll burn enough blanks if you learn it’s worth it

After 3-4 hours of painstaking work we get the credentials and run to open accounts and take credits at the Russian Standard

october nonsense in the publisher, especially smiled about the red stripe print

SЫ nothing glued questions here all the answers SЫ 2 can give a program which is a passport data to see if the person took credit or not only keys to it are not left, for the keys to the RU downloader SЫ 3 forgot about the glue that left after the old photo, then it will be visible to the light, and if you take a lot of glue (along with paper) the spot like a watermark

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