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Many of you know that has a rating system. After an auction has been completed a seller and a buyer exchange feedback. Feedback is exchanged if the transaction was successful for both sides, and if either side is unhappy with the other, it will result in a negative feedback. Negative feedback will reflect on the seller in the first place – if there are a lot of it, then you will not be likely to buy anything from such a seller. But even one negative feedback affects the state of sales. Often the review is received undeservedly, which is doubly offensive. But until recently nothing could be done about it – the auction stubbornly refused to make changes in ratings, except in strictly defined cases:


providing the affected person with a court decision on the matter (absurd: no one will sue over a recall at an auction);

recall is irrelevant to the transaction (e.g., “that bastard stole my wife!”);

feedback contains a link or a script (you have to manage to squeeze one or the other in there);

The review contains a mat or reference to genitals (however, calling a liar, a criminal, a dumbass, etc. “soft words” are allowed. “soft” words are allowed);

The revocation mentions that the person receiving the revocation is under investigation;

feedback left by a stranger (example: the buyer won two lots from different sellers, the first lot was received, and the second lot was not. And mistakenly left negative feedback to the seller of the first lot);

feedback left by the buyer immediately after the end of the auction with the explicit intent to malign (not only you, but everyone – or only you, but for all lots).

In the above cases, the negative feedback will be removed by the auction free of charge.

However, earlier this year “by popular demand” created a negative feedback procedure for everyone. As you can guess it costs money and another company is doing it – SquareTrade. You will be charged $20 when negative feedback is removed from your rating. You pay by credit card.

It works as follows: You, as the one who received the feedback, open a “case”. Then, there can be two continuations : either the person who left you feedback responds to SqareTrade’s call to discuss the feedback they left, or they don’t.

In the second case, you will be removed negative feedback if:

14 days have passed since the case was opened;

revocation was left no later than 90 days after you opened the case;

SqareTrade has not received any response from the other party;

You used the correct data;

The item was authorized for sale and met the requirements of the auction.

If SqareTrade receives feedback from the other party, you will be removed from the negative feedback even if it is older than 90 days, but only if the following conditions are met:

who left the feedback agree to its removal;

You asked SqareTrade employee for help (meaning, if you reached an agreement with the other party without the help of mediator, you still need to involve this mediator – otherwise there will be nothing to charge you $20, and without that they will not take the “negative” off);

The item was authorized for sale and met the requirements of the auction;

All formalities on the SqareTrade website have been followed.

Two things are important to know:

1. If you don’t get the review removed, $20 will be refunded to you.

2. If the person who left a negative feedback will reply, he will only agree to remove it after receiving compensation. All “bidding” is done through SqareTrade.

Once the case is closed, the feedback is removed by the auctioneer within 2 weeks.

Copyright (C) 2004 Mikhail Birman

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