How to save your money and nerves.” buying cc on dark web

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Good afternoon.

I should say at once that in my article I am not defending the scammers, I just want to explain from the psychological point of view the behavior of such people in general. Maybe someone will be interested =)

I don’t know what made me write this article I should say right away that I consider myself a psychologist by education and by vocation in carding not for the first year (to be exact from 2002).) and most likely this fact has untied me from desire to work by speciality )), but exactly now I want to tell to you about ripers (swindlers) I will tell, why people go on it and why them become probably this article will not help you absolutely nothing but I will try to write it simply interesting[/DATAENCODE

They are present everywhere in all areas of activity where people work where there is at least a little bit normal, in our understanding, money. In my life, in real life I have worked in many companies and structures BUT, I will affect only Carding today


Personally, I characterize scammers by two types: group 1) Schoolchildren and monkeys. These are the people who do not want to make money For them there is no word to earn (people who have long been in the subject, agree with me that even in carding there is no freebies. They certainly want to earn lots of money and not worry about tomorrow. As one wise man from our former planet said, they are people who tried to do something useful once and they failed, or they screwed a couple of people for a decent amount and decided to screw further.

I am not afraid to say (although I am not the only one who knows about it) that some people from this class, having cheated dozens of people for a rather large sum, decided to try themselves in carding again and they succeeded. I am not afraid to say that some of these people have become respected at times change nicknames of people too that is why in our business you should not trust anyone

Group 2) Professional scammers. People are usually more or less in age and fully aware of the situation Such people are guided only by one goal to scam All perfectly remember DONa man who left a tuva bunch of people, and then disappeared into thin air None of us with you are not immune from communication and doing business with such people

What can I advise from myself personally to limit communication with these individuals? Yeah, what everyone always advises.

1. Always offer people to work through a guarantor. People from the first group are usually eliminated at this stage of the conversation. People from the second group are usually willing to work with guarantors and can even offer you their services, thereby misleading you and, purely from a psychological point of view, showing their willingness to be honest with you. The opinion of many: the scammer refuses to work with the guarantor if you offer it to him is a delusion. A person who is going to cheat you has nothing to lose at this stage and agrees to everything. It is important to be especially careful.

Don’t do business with strangers if no guarantor is online. It is better and easier to wait for a person than to lose money.

2. Ask for recommendations/reference links. If the integrity of the person you are going to do business with is in question, ask them for the icqs of people they have worked with. If this is followed by an answer like no one of my partners is online right now, I am a newbie and this is my first business you can immediately end the conversation. If you do not know how to ask a sponsor whether he is a customer of your affiliate or not, do not hesitate to ask him if he is a customer of your affiliate and whether he is a professional defrauder.

3. Never be in a hurry. It is a favorite trick of scammers to tell you that they have no time for the guarantor and they urgently need to leave and will appear no earlier than n-o number of hours / days. In fact, agree, there have been cases when you said so and you’re relying solely on luck tried to make a deal, as a result of which were thrown . There is no need to rush. It is better to contact another dealer or wait for the guarantor.

4. Pay attention to the Icq numbers. Agree, any self-respecting service seller will not knock on your door with a newly registered icq number and offer to buy his product.

By following these simple four rules, the probability of being scammed is reduced by 99%. That’s exactly enough to save your money, and most importantly your nerves.

Thank you all for your attention.

buying cc on dark web

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