How to scar Western Union with $30 in your pocket. A guide to action.” valid cc seller

Hi. Thought I’d tell you point by point and practically in great detail how to card wu today (!!!). You’ll recall that such an article was already there, but it was written in 2001 and is unlikely to be useful to you now. Article focused on the average level, so about setting up a computer or procerudu vbiv even mention. Here we go.

You need material. You can take a regular SS, and then run through the puncher ssn, dob and mmn, but easier not to save a couple of bucks and buy a full set. Soviet sellers of this good, unfortunately, I have not found, and safely used the services of foreign colleagues. But you will succeed, I believe


If you think you now have all the card info you’ll need, you’re wrong. March to one of these sites,,, etc. and punch (buy) all sorts of information on the cardholder. Usually the good people at those archives will give out shitloads of that data, so there’s no shortage.

By the way, have you found the drop yet? No? Run to the droppers and get some guy’s info. If you took the yousian full, it is reasonable to order the european one. Well, and be sure to negotiate with the dropper about a nice 50/50 split. Where did I send it to? On holidays in Burkina Faso, but in general England. Surely many of you have noticed that a lot of faceless people have appeared lately, allegedly accepting VY in Britain for any data. So, it’s likely that they all decided to make extra money after hearing about the lovely Romanian guys in London actually taking transfers for any data. I used their services directly, in particular. As you know, after the first successful transfer they put a verify stamp on your card, so after that, have fun sending weird Mickey Mouse transfers to London, Romanians don’t care


Now it’s time to make a deal with the callers to make a call (forgive the mumbo-jumbo). This task is no different, because it will cost you $15-25. Give the caller all the information you want (transfer details, card details, additional info), agree on the time, and you are good to go.


On I think you will find a button to send a transfer online, and everything is native there. After you write down the mtsn, and call the phone number given out. Chances are, I’ll even bet you’ll only be asked for your mtn and past residence. It’s not in vain that we found all the data on ourselves, from place of birth to place of future marriage! Naturally the telephone caller is informed in advance and other information, quite often and about the favorite color of nail polish of the neighbor ask.

It’s up to you to decide on the amounts. You can prepare and send 1k, or you can send a test one for a hundred and the next ten for 500 without checking.

1) take card with standard full-info place of employment and position of holder, sample: Firstname: Brenna Lastname: Koch Address: 42 Main Street City: Dundee State: NY Zipcode: 14837 Phone: (607) 821-1257 SSN: 076-72-4011 MothersMaidenName: Sloan DOB: 01-07-1983 CardBank: PROVIDIAN NATIONAL BANK CardType: Credit Cardname: Brenna E Koch Cardnumber: 4559500000000000 Expiry Date: 05-2007 CVV2: 667 Employment: MODERN TOOL COMPANY Position Held: ADMIN

2) call to the bank and change the phone number to skype in the same area code as the home phone number of the holder before

3) on the phone through our Skype we call WU and make a transfer for $950 to drop in the USA, if the information is correct (no error), then the transfer will make us, if there is even one error, they start fucking brain, in principle can if you get a trick, then the transfer may also make, but it is unlikely. Also, remember that WU will never say that there is a mistake in your data, they just start fucking around and that’s it, also keep in mind that when you call from Skype their number is not defined and you have to say that you call from your home phone number, they will not be able to check this.

P.S: you can get WU-maps from phishing sites or by punching credit reports from employment.

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