Hybrid virtual machine / Self-made anti-detect” cvv shop ru

What brings you here my friend, a loud name or something else? It’s a cozy Saturday, winter is coming, and the inspiration to do something good for people came to me And since I’m a creative person I decided to write an article for the forum, for newbies on how to make your anti-detect, antique or as I call it a hybrid virtual machine

Who will need it:

So, to the point. 2 months ago I was hitting 1 shop, had 10 virtuals, installed 3 browsers on each virtual. The picture was as follows and it was terribly clumsy:

Вставка: https://s020.radikal.ru/i710/1510/14/32151c8ad920.png

The whole thing took up about ~200 gigabytes. Very slow, as it was located on a HDD. (Note: My work computer consisted of a 128GB SSD HDD 1TB, the ssd hosts the work, the hdd hosts all the virtualisations, making it difficult to work quickly)

At first I was fine with it, but then I needed 20-30 keywords per day and decided I needed to expand and unique all this stuff.

One Windows 7 virtual machine was used as the basis. Installed on SSD for fast operation. A comodo firewall was installed so that WebRTC would not be lit, and the following installations were uploaded:

opera https://opera.ru.uptodown.com/old firefox https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/ flash player https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player-versions.html

Note: In addition you can and even should:

Well, that’s about it. Please note that this article doesn’t pretend to be a better workaround for antifraud protection or anything else. The author just wanted to make a point about how to save time and money on virtualdisks


PS: As self-promotion I will write that I am looking for colleagues working in the field of pickup. There is an interest in exchanging inf. PM. Obucheniya not conduct, beginners do not consult.

I will be glad to receive any feedback, including constructive criticism.

Peace be with you, my dear reader, I hope the information was at least marginally useful. Exclusively for verified, lampeduza, wwh

cvv shop ru

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