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INTRO. This article does not claim to be original or unique. Probably, there are similar works somewhere on network. Also, all of the below is not a call to action. Do you have your head on your shoulders (in the figurative sense ?? and certainly if you have it). These are not specific schemes of action as in most articles. Remember, most areas of carding are criminal acts.

PART 1. First thoughts. I never wrote such articles for the public (someone will tell after reading this, and did not have to). But at some point, especially observing the forum sections for newbies, I realized that the vast majority of beginners do not know where to start, where to put themselves so to speak. So, at some point, you’re a high school student, working, computer programmer, manager, just a slacker etc or heard the word carding, or read the next interesting article in xackep, or just knew about carding, but somehow never got to get to it. And decided for myself to learn all the wisdom of the craft. It is for you, , who are determined to learn carding, that this article is designed.

PART 2. Beginning. And then you start feverishly reading forums, articles, study existing schemes of earning. So the first qualities, in my opinion, necessary in carding are an inquisitive mind, assiduity, patience, and the ability to analyze and make conclusions on your own. It’s not possible immediately know what to do, only the pursuit of knowledge will guarantee your success and development. And of course, you have to start from the simple to the complex. Various articles like where to start will give you food for thought.

PART 3. Choosing a theme. So, you’ve explored possible themes, schemes and so on. And now look at ourselves and ask what I can? If nothing, then alas, you go janitor)). So what can you do, what abilities and the qualities possess? – are you a good programmer? Then write spyware, bots. Fortunately, this sector is not very abundant with choice. -you are good at drawing, Photoshop, etc.? And you will find a place to draw scans of maps, documents, make design projects. -you know English or any other language well? work as a phone caller, translate websites, documents, write contracts for drop-projects. – are you a master of SI, NLP? Have a good understanding of human psychology? organize a drop-project. option can be immediately kiltala they, too, should be able to talk their teeth, but I advise against it, because you may meet with the guys from the next category)) – are you a master of sports boxing, kickboxing? have connections in the police? organize a group on punishment trucks, it is in demand as ever)) – you have connections in customs? deal with problems with the transfer of goods, and a good percentage of you obspechen. – are you just a great person, well versed in all areas? you will find your own place under the sun. -you are a person who has all of these qualities? then you should be the president of the russian federation)) -you. – the list, as you can understand yourself, can go on. As time goes by you will see where you can better yourself prove. And the main thing in your subject you should strive to be the best!

PART 4. Big joint hour. Being theoretically savvy is one thing. It is important to be able to apply theory in practice. And then, going to practice, there is the need for another very important quality of keeping your mouth shut. Be very careful what you say, do not shout left and right I am a carder! In general, do not shout)) It just shows you’re an intemperate person. Reasonable paranoia never hurt anyone. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So, you should know your weakest links and protect them as much as possible (this includes your computer, your contacts, and your online traces).

PART 5. Example. There won’t be any example. Start from the simple to the complex. And the beginning is different for everyone. Maybe you know a lot about banking technologies and start with deposits. Or maybe you do not know anything and you start with registering domains, web hosting. So it’s a different start for everyone . It is important that you sensibly assess their capabilities and do not pander to the possible large income from the same bays. Even with hosting, you can make good money on beer and vobla $)

PART 6. The first ruble. So, days-weeks of hard work have brought you your first income, you have finally reached a positive profitability. Well, your first success may blind you and you can instantly pull down all the money. I don’t have to tell you what to do with the initial capital, but you have to be focused on growth. So capital should be spent wisely, invest it in more profitable areas. Think of it as a long-term investment.

OUTRO. Well, I wrote it. In my article I tried to accumulate both my own experience and experience of other authors. You, dear readers, will judge what I got out of it. Finally, as postscript, I want to give one life principle. Everyone probably saw the film Scramble (Al Pacino, Robert De Niro). Well, in it Robert De Niro once said (I will only quote the meaning) to his partner (Val Kilmer in the world): A real gangster should not have any attachments in life. If your ass is threatened by something, it smells fried, you should drop everything without a second thought and save your ass. To have or not to have attachments is up to you.

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