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Which scheme is better? Which documents and templates should be sent to get maximum conversion? What is conversion and its stages? Some people already in the first email send a contract, ID/DL verification request, require you to fill out the i9 form trying to make every person you meet drop as quickly as possible, but success does not come to everyone.

What is a HEADHUNT? It is a diagram that depicts, step by step, the process of converting a job seeker into a drop. Funnels are also used in other areas such as sales. Head-to-head sales no longer work and are being replaced by Western business models of multi-step sales. The same applies to employment, there is a sequence of actions, a certain ritual through which an employee has to be put before he/she takes his/her place in the corporate hierarchy


Application. As it is often not possible to offer the job applicant with parcels at the first step of the WORNING, this is done at the second step in order to screen people who are out of the loop and to promote them to the next step of the WORNING. In this step, the job seeker is sent information describing the actual duties, which describes what they need to do, as well as additional information such as Company Information, Working Conditions, Answers to Questions. Unsuccessful applicants fill out the Application and move on to the next step. Company Profile file familiarizes the applicant with your company without going to the site, schedule on business processes and employment shows the applicant in the pictures all stages for him to be more understandable, as they say better to see once than hear a hundred times. Also graphics on the employment process can motivate the job seeker implicitly showing him that the process is not difficult and you can start almost tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Interview. Interview. Some people do not call applicants, but this can play a cruel trick. After filling out the application the applicant is often checked using Background Check – it is especially interesting if the residence address and his criminal record match each other. It may happen that a seemingly ordinary person has a rich criminal record. After the background check, the applicant is interviewed. This step is different from the previous one in that the job seeker’s duties and business processes are explained in detail and if the job seeker is ours, then the caller tries to persuade him to work for the company and take him to the next step of the Headhunting Funnel. Finding a good caller is not easy, very often you have to go from service to service, so if you want your work to be done just in time, you can find a caller and train yourself or establish a partnership relationship with such a person. After all, if a person receives % he treats the project as his own, rather than receiving a set payment. If the caller is unmotivated and wants to leave work early on Friday, that’s not good.

Job Offer. Employment Agreement. Job Offer, Employment Contract. In many cases an Employment Agreement/Contract is sent after the interview. In some cases a Job Offer is sent first – it shows the serious intentions of the company to employ the person, but it is not yet 100% guaranteed. For example, they send a Job Offer in which they describe the main points of the contract, the drop is a test period, such as sending 3-5 packages, after which they send an Employment Agreement. It all depends on you, or it will be 2 steps or 1, but in the real U.S. employment process first you send a Job Offer and then a Contract. If the contract is a trial period, you can write there the terms of remuneration for hidden motivation of the candidate, also additional motivation will be the benefits and bonuses programs. For example, at the end of the probationary period the employee receives a small payment, and starting from the second month the employee can receive a weekly payment, so we set goals and motivate them implicitly.

Welcome. Congratulations to a new employee. After signing the contract, greetings are sent to the new employee. This email often sends access to the admin panel, but accesses can also be sent in a separate email. Paying extra attention to the new drop-in is a positive tool in the process. You will always know his mood, and in case of any unforeseen circumstances, you will probably be able to react in a timely manner. Also, the dropp may have questions about how the work will start, or have other questions about the work process or how to work with the admin panel.

Admin. Nowadays admins are in free access and if you communicate with your friends you will get it for free. Admin area allows you to systematize work processes, conveniently monitor drop and team, analyze current situations and react to emergency situations. Almost always, after some time of work the admin panel is modified for more convenience and expanded capabilities.

Verification. I-9 Form. Verification. I-9 Form. Everyone has his own methods of verification drop, it can be scans of ID/DL documents, or photo of these documents near face. Some ask to fill forms at the first steps of the Headhunting Funnel, some ask to fill forms during the test and some don’t use them at all. Many people don’t want to provide their personal information or documents in the first steps due to the lack of trust and the high level of fraud on the Internet.

The best results are achieved by those who are constantly testing new ways of working, gaining precious experience from it. Choose the optimal Headhunting Funnel for you. If your turnover is under 30 drops, and you are manually sending mail, don’t cut your Headhunting Funnel to the minimum. If you want reliable drops and your caller is working with you in the share, spend drops on a big funnel, in the process you will have a sufficient number of calls, you will be able to get to know more about the drops and their daily routine and then more successfully select the best drops, and use it for example for liquid goods or provide a reliable horse for your VIP clients.

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