Increasing the efficiency of each order” shop without cvv

As part of the in-built service, the uncountable thousands of orders placed, and the millions of same-type questions repeated every day.

The introduction is deliberately deleted due to the large amount of lyrics.

The main scheme of big earnings in item carding correlates with the mass copying of the actions of an average resident or organization when buying some or other goods online. Here we do not consider individuals engaged in conveyancing, storing, calling, mailing, etc.


In simple words, no one changes billing addresses en masse due to moves and immediately after that almost no one buys top macbooks, having forgotten and restored account password for online access beforehand.

To send iPhones in boxes, you have to do things exactly like organizations purchasing iPhones in boxes. To bulk-send the product singly, you must repeat actions close to the main stream and then scale them.

The conclusion is, -*sending all shops absolutely. And even the ones with $10k worth of merchandise. And even to a simple C.O.C. And often even without a callback. I’m not talking, of course, about liquid, where the percentage of fraud-transactions is higher than the market average, there are restrictions on the average cost of the basket, etc.


Let’s skip the topic of product matching and also uniqueness of fingerprinting system for mass stuffing with one link. I will write about mass stuffing with one link without consequences upon request. You can read more about matching material to product in Paypal Press, Growing Your Business,


Anti-fraud monitoring of the average store monitors and assigns a transaction risk value (Risk Score) to 45 variables. Maximum value = 100 and minimum value = 0. The number of orders in large stores reaches several thousand per minute. It’s silly to judge manually checking such amount of information – everything is fully automated.

Using public Emails increases Risk Score by up to 10 points. If you’re old-school about it, buy a bunch of emails and change them around.

There’s nothing surprising about the lack of product shipments when using public sokservices. Few people know, but whoer is not an indicator of the purity of a sox. A sock can have a Proxy Score (the variable that defines the sock in the ip address) being completely clean on whoer.

If the sock gave 0 in Proxy Score (which is rarer than you think), the next important factor is the distance from the billing address to the sock. The shorter the distance, the lower the Risk Score. The proximity of the distance is determined by the ZIP code. This is a key place to understand. Huge numbers of people send gift cards to the other side of the country and pay for an iPad loan for their grandmother.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the individuals who strive not to stop getting richer every day, and above all, morally. Thank you for your attention.

March, 2014.

shop without cvv

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