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The forum should be filled with good articles. And this is the truth. The article should not consist of sci-fi words and incomprehensible graphs, the article should tell the truth.

In the free space of Google, it is possible to observe beautifully recorded videos, on installation of skimming equipment. Certainly, such videos should be present on this forum as well.

And so, for starters, short films

1. NDS Green Skimmer

2. NSR balloon cover

And the most optimal skimmer for beginners, the sacred cow and classic of standards


3. Diebold skimmer

From the instructional video, it becomes clear and understandable, you don’t need a tool kit in the form of: a hammer, a nail gun, a portable bolt cutter, two skeins of duct tape and the secret ingredient, in the form of a spit installer.

Video shows the entire skimmer installation cycle for Atm

Note, the video shows the dibold audio skimmer, complete without built-in camera. The dibold skimmer with built-in camera is identical in size, appearance and installation on the ATM. The equipment shown in the video is made by our Skimming Service


Details on purchase and consultation can be specified in the contacts indicated in the advertisement of our service.

one of the old generation shimmer variants shimmer, insert shimmers

feshop18 ru

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