Instructions on how to buy on AlphaBay.” dumps shop 2020

Step one: Download and install TOR Browser.

The video describes the installation in detail.

Step two : Register at https://alphabaywyjrktqn.onion (go via TOR Browser) Registration is quite simple, you need to fill in the following fields: 1. Username your login 2. Password is your password 3. Six-digit PIN code. This is your pin code to confirm all operations with Alphabay. 4. Enter captcha Screenshot:

After filling in all the fields, you will see the following:

This is your passphrase. Write it down (save it in notepad), and paste it into the field below.

Step three: Fund your AlphaBay account with Bitcoin.


The money can also be withdrawn, the withdrawal is momentary. If you suddenly changed your mind to order the service.

Step Four: Go to https://alphabaywyjrktqn.onion/listing.php?id=1180 Read the rules, then select the amount for which you want to receive the transfer (under the number 1 drop-down listing), and click Buy Now.

Step five: Fill in the required data. 1. In the Notes: field, enter your paypal email to which you wish to receive the transfer. 2. In the PIN field specify your Six-digit PIN that you specified during registration. 3. Under number 3, enter the amount you need to pay. Make sure you have the necessary funds on your AlphaBay balance for the purchase. In this case (in the screenshot) it is $500.


Step six:

dumps shop 2020

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