It’s about time one of the IM encryption methods became the de-facto standard.” buy fullz with id

It’s about time one of the IM encryption methods was chosen as the de facto standard.

Purpose: To motivate people to use something single, simple. Optional: An article on setting up SimpLite.


My choice is SimpLite!

It is no secret that the most popular IM-client among us is ICQ, which does not have built-in encryption methods. There are clients with built-in encryption, such as sst (server is down at the moment), jabber and miranda with plugins, but it often happens that people don’t have time to understand interface of new IM-client or it is installed and always off-line due to its unpopularity. I bring to the fact that ICQ many familiar, and the encryption method that I want to tell about works with ICQ (and with all IM-clients working in the ICQ network: QIP, miranda, RQ, etc.), AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber/Google. Agree a great choice, and besides the program is free. All you need to do is to install program and set up your IM-client via SimpLite. I even encourage you to do it. Firstly, it will not interfere with your other methods of encrypted communication, because we will all communicate via an encrypted channel. Who better than us to take care of our own security? You can even ask the forum administration to attach this topic with the status of importance.

Program characteristics.

Name: SimpLite Developer: Secway License: Freeware Networking: ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, Google. Encryption method: RSA keys up to 2048 bits. Encryption is done using the following algorithms: AES (up to 128 bits) or Twofish. Environment: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP Website: Download-page:

Setting up SimLite with ICQ network, with ICQ 2003b client, QIP, Miranda, RQ. (With other clients I think there will be no problems, configuration is similar)

Download the program:

if the direct link does not download, here is the download-page:

Next double click on the downloaded file. Standard installation procedure: [Next ] – [I agree] – [Next ] – [Next ] – [Next ] – [Next ] – [Next ] – [Close]. Then after installation wizard starts automatically [Next ], choose if warning window will pop up on encrypted/unencrypted communication (can be enabled/disabled later). I choose to turn off the pop-up warnings, as they will pop up a lot, for each person in the contact list. Next, select the connection to the network, in my case direct connect (direct), then put a tick on the icon Unlisted ICQ / IM client. Next comes the wizard to create a key [Next ] – [Next] think up and enter the password twice, [Next] randomly move the mouse =), to randomly generate the numbers, [Next] – [Next] – [Finish] key created. Make sure that your key is Loaded, and that settings File – Configure – [IM clients] check the box Other ICQ / IM clients and select the method direct only. That’s it, SimpLite is configured, do not forget to set your key password (by default SimpLite is loaded with system automatically and minimized to tray)


Now you need to redirect your ICQ-client instead of server to your computer, ie type and leave the same port (5190).


Press [Settings] button in ICQ and type in Host: and press OK. (If the account loads automatically when ICQ starts, then the [Settings] button needs to be logged in: Main – Switch User (Log Off) ).

In QIP, before entering the account password, click the [Server / Proxy] button and type in OSCAR Server: and press Ok


В Miranda [M] – Options [-] Network – ICQ: Login server: port: 5190 – Ok

RQ [RQ] – Preferences – Connection – Server host: port 5190 – Ok

In other clients, the actions will be similar.

Now when you will meet people with SimpLite ICQ, SimpLite will convert from Unencrypted to Ecrypted and you will be prompted to Accept the key (one-time).


PS: I do not want to hear comments like, SimpLite is shit, code is closed, mittm etc. Use jabber pgp or miranda with SecureIM plugin or NDC, all these methods are good too, maybe even better, and I do not agitate them to change, just SimpLite allows you to use the usual and popular clients, and put it will not stop anyone. I wish it were not like this: one uses jabber with pgp, the other uses miranda with secure plugin, and people continue to use plain techtom due to incompatibility and laziness. With proper advertising of free and easy to use message encryption product, we can create a unified system as popular as ICQ among us.

PS2: The writing of this post was affected by the week-long failure of sst servers.

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