jHost-Professionals of the pc hosting offer their services” dumps with pin shop

jHost comfortable hosting . Abusable servers, vps, hosting and domains.

You are looking for: – Additional features – A regular partner with adequate prices – A sane support team – More economical options

We have: – Best admins – Years of experience – Time-tested contacts – Own hardware – Own subnets, IP addresses (!)

So, our services are: Abusable Hosting Abusable VPS/VDS Abusable Servers Abusable Domains

Dialogue is important to us. You define the tasks – we select the solutions. And we care about our customers’ opinions too – we do our best for them. You may read some of the feedback in this thread.

Ideal for botnets, hosting exe, inbound spam. Always available servers under zeus, spyeye.

Just some feedback from our customers:


Registration: 11.08.2007

Work with a man. Service is on the level. Great tech support. Prosperity to the service.


Registration: 21.08.2009

Work with the man, everything is top notch, clear and prompt. Success in business


Registration: 05.09.2006

Ordered a server, they said they would do it by the next day. And indeed, within 12 hours they gave me the server. This is the first service where everything was done in time! Usually, all the others delayed at least a day! I had a good start and hope the flight will be the same!


Registration: 31.08.2005

I have been using it for a long time. The service is top notch, I recommend it!


Registration: 31.01.2010

I am very satisfied with the service, there are no complaints. If there are any questions, they are solved very quickly. Good luck to you!


Registration: 07.11.2010

a lot of problems with services like this … perebyval many … server or was not holding my load, or were frequent communication losses. frankly already was not even willing to continue in this area as downtime was over 2 weeks and many orders were lost (not unimportant), not done and the money refunded back). Turned to the TC in the evening, he still promised to give the server in the morning … Actually a lot like everyone else said … Otradal! Worked with many people, this man first who kept his promise and gave the server in the morning with the right configuration.No problems with the server, the quality of communication at the highest level (97-98% uptime), responsive support (they are few even).Most of all, I was surprised when I turned to the TC with a request to install 2 modules on the server…I asked how much money I would have for installation (the last host took on $50 for each module) here it was free and fast. Nice to talk to, courteous. My opinion is pleasant seller with whom you can work.


Registration: 14.10.2006

have been working for several months, everything is great. thanks to the service finally no need to run around the hosts


Registration: 13.10.2010

Respect and great prosperity to the service! all promptly and qualitatively!


Registration: 10.02.2007

Took the servervac The man did everything faster than promised Good luck and prosperity to your service



Registration: 18.07.2006

The benchmark for comfortable hosting. I don’t think I’ll be contacting anyone else about these issues in the future.


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