Joint by joint :-)” cashout dumps

Please do not judge severely and do not attack! I’m writing late so I think this might not have time to take part in the contest and it’s not much new! I want to tell about my little participation in the world of carding, which were present and victories and defeats! But most of all about his Misfits (which subsequently gave me experience)

So let’s get started: 1.With what all began …(the first joint) My role in this area of activity is not big, but nevertheless that something yes has turned out! Sitting down about six months ago in the network, the financial situation at that time I was critical, no ideas, no money to start in any theme is not (and the experience was only in the poker theme to get no deposit), in general, I sit and think WHAT to do, but at that time I had a Persian VM, and in my critical situation, I decide to sell it. Where to sell who sell where to sell? Since at that time I already knew about the forum, were small movements here, started looking for people who can surrender this goodness! Looked for a couple of days and found, agreed on price, conditions, and I went to do all that is necessary! During this time,with the buyer a lot of talk,and came to the most important thing,that yes I am very interested in carding,and I want to get involved! I met an understanding person and (thanks a lot) began to help me, explain some of the nuances, some of the details, provide material and wished me good luck in my work!

Then with experience, found dropovodov, worked a little on Amazon (despite the fact that they say he was dead! Ship normal and not for small amounts) Along the way was studied Ebay and PayPal

3.Shortcoming 3 So I work on Ebay! With dropper agreed to calculate when the interest will be saved up the necessary amount, remains to do 1 pac and will be my cash! I chose the item, proceeded to pay, paid, on the Holder’s e-mail I begin to delete letters about the payment and order and I see that I ordered not to the address drop and the Holder :-)) Jeez, this is the last full-info material, which I had! What to do? Started an intensive correspondence with a dealer and persuasions to send it to the UK instead of DE, came to the point that I need to call the seller and clarify everything orally! All wiped, the seller swallowed the topic that Item needs to send to the UK, because it is a hyft and we agreed! Puck gone! I received my interest from dropbox (and experience how to work with ebay and paypal) and was satisfied? Of course not everything went smoothly, a lot of material was killed while working on the stuff, but it was worth it!

4.Shoal 4 Again I sit without money, without the material, in depression, what to do I do not know in the old material, I found an interesting link, virtual CC, tried to tie a bookers, it worked! I sit happy! So I make a self-made bookers and began to collect on the logs, these same virtual CC, found a couple of good, it was able to refill the balance of bookers to NN amount! Go to bed with the thoughts that all is well, all the gud, I will have the money, tomorrow translated into your real account and cash! Morning, I am in anticipation of the cache … I go then to the acre, all normal acre alive money in place, no lock, I do the transfer, and there’s a shoal. I koda regal these bookers do not save the year of birth!!!).Prypolytykaly was poking around, bogged bookers … :-)) I did not get any money of course, but I got invaluable experience, now I carefully record and duplicate everything!

This is a small part of my jokes, but which have taught me a lot, even if I’m not so long in the subject, but I was able to make conclusions for myself, to gain information and experience


Thanks to everyone who has mastered, please do not scold. Also special thanks to the people who gave me the opportunity to talk about everything

I would like to thank the administration of the forum, for the opportunity to tell us about everything.

cashout dumps

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